• I'm always reading how some people on this website are associated with BRAT. I was looking at the petfinder website and saw an adorable tri-colored basenji in New Monmouth, NJ (Mostly Shepherds). It stated that he had been abused and his scars are healing. I wish I could take him! I attached a pic of Benji! Can anyone out there help him??


  • What an adorable dog! Poor thing has some major scarring. Maybe BRAT can help him out.

  • Is he in a shelter?

  • OMG That poor little dog, Amazing to see he still maintains that perky little basenji stance even after obviously suffering a huge trauma. I can't even imagine what sort of abuse could cause such massive scarring. It would be great to see him go to a good home.

  • Hi I am in NJ although southern I travel around the state quite a bit. I would be willing to look into adopting the dog. Any info you can pass would be appreciated.

  • Thanks e mailed kennel

  • Let us know how you go. He looks like a real little battler. Would be brilliant to hear a happy ending to his story.

  • Im getting teary eyed just reading through this post,,,,,it doesnt help that this tri looks a lot like my own,,,,,geeesh,,,,poor little guy,,,,,I really really would love to hear a happy ending to this sweety pies life,,,,,,,,,BTW,,,Suzette,,,,,,lots of applause for your williness to help out this b!!!!

  • That would be awesome if he gets adopted!!!!

    I sometimes watch Animal Cops on nights when I can't sleep. They've had 2 dogs with injuries like the tri. One was caused by a dog being chained up tightly around his waist like that and the chain had been on so long and tight that it imbedded into his skin. The other had been hit by a car…they thought that was what caused the laceration. In both cases, after surgery was performed, their hair ended up covering the scar.

    Very sad thinking what could have caused the injury to the tri. 😞

  • I called the contact person regarding the tri basenji. She seemed very nice. They will not adopt this dog to anyone out of state. So, even if I could take in this dog…the answer would be no. They are very strict with adoptions as far as references go...they will not give this dog to anyone. He is doing much better...his scars are healing. She said he was a stray and could only guess where his injuries came from. Don't really want to say as I can't imagine someone purposely hurting him. She told me someone from BRAT contacted her but she does not want to give the dog to anyone without checking them out first. I'm not sure if he is being fostered or in a shelter but she assured me he is being taken care of. Hopefully, someone who is kind to dogs from New Jersey will adopt him soon.

  • Hi All,
    Does anyone know if this poor little guy found a home? It makes me sick to think he has been hurt like this.

  • I don't see him listed on the MostlyShepherd link. Perhaps he found a home? I hope he's happy.

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