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Let us know how you go. He looks like a real little battler. Would be brilliant to hear a happy ending to his story.

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OMG That poor little dog, Amazing to see he still maintains that perky little basenji stance even after obviously suffering a huge trauma. I can't even imagine what sort of abuse could cause such massive scarring. It would be great to see him go to a good home.

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HA HA , we don't get snow at all anywhere within about 2000 kilmetres of us, in fact I have never even seen snow apart from in pictures. Christmas time is always very hot and Christmas lunch usually comprises of lots of salads and stuff instead of turkey so your story seemed extra funny to me. However I would definately be tempted to start making snowballs from the snow she is donating to you and throwing them back at her! How rude I think!

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I have been told that some dogs eyes are set too far forward in the heads and they have trouble focusing on the food as it comes towards them. This is what I was told with my dobermanns anyway. One of my Dobes used to catch quite well however so that ruined that theory. However I did find if I threw a ball for them they seemed to lose track of it in the air and only went after it if it bounced to give them a chance to notice where it went. But usually just stared at my hand to say.."wow, how did you make it disappear like that???"

Our kelpie used to balance a biscuit on his nose and then when told it was "OK" he would flip it up into the air and catch it. So clever!

If they have a rope toy or something easy to catch then it might be worth starting with that and give a reward when caught and then progress to catching food when they have the general idea.

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My dobermanns name was Farosken Skye Quest but her mothers name was "Ashkenasy ize Amazing" so I named her "Ashka" …theres another A name for your list,
All her pups I named after gods and goddesses of Mythology but all had Asche (German for Ashes) as a first name so they had names like Asche Lucretia, Asche Romulus, Asche Horatius etc

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Here is a couple of pics I took yesterday of a Male Scarlet Robin that i am pretty pleased with…

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Yeah this one is really confusing and to make matters worse if you do an online search on "garlic" and "dogs" you get just as many hits on it being good for dogs as you do for it being bad. I was always lead to believe the "garlic deters fleas" remedy but now maybe "Better safe than sorry" and they can go without.😕

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I read somewhere recently "The quickest way to get your childs attention, is to talk quietly….to someone else" I guess this must work for basenji's too lol

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Yeah Monty is pretty special. That first picture was taken when we were spraying him with water. He just loves getting wet!
Here he is with his girlfriend "Charlotte". They look a bit scruffy when they are wet!:)

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I have just started to get back into a bit of photography. I have a Canon EOS 350D and a couple of lenses. Here a few of my pix
My Male Eclectus "Monty"

One of our Indian Ringneck parrots

Firetail finches in the garden

Blue Tongue Lizard


White tailed Black Cockatoos

Still need a bit of practise on getting things just right but its so much fun

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