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Update: We're tapping the pause button on Jax' adoption until things settle down. The COVID-19 surge here in Southern California has gotten way too scary and close. Several neighbors have become infected as have scores of friends/family of friends. It would be irresponsible for us to entertain guests while cases are soaring. We will continue to work with Jax' confidence and manners during this pause. Once this current surge eases, we will update and invite new inquiries. Till then we are going to become hermits.

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As you may have heard The Medfly Brigade Basenji Rescue has been retired. Yet, here I am for one, and only one, final last encore!

We did a favor and took in a trio of tris. A pair found a wonderful home together leaving this handsome guy to charm us. If we were 20 years younger, he would already have his forever home. Jax is one of the brightest guys we have met in all the years and he is loaded with personality. He grew up with other Basenjis and misses his buddies very much.

As Jax’ guardians, we will be very picky about who will get to enjoy adding this spectacular boy to their lives. Jax will need a home with someone who has previous experience with a Basenji. While he would do well in a house without small children, we believe he will do well in a house with other dogs, especially Basenjis.

We are located in Eastern Los Angeles County in California and you’d need to travel to us. The Medfly Brigade web page isn’t being managed at this time and the phone # is no longer active, so please contact me via e-mail - karen at basenjirescue dot com.

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