• Hello all,
    First post and sorry for not properly introducing my self but I am kind of in a hurry. First time dog owner, I ended up with a Basenji puppy 2 days ago when a friend found it on his neighborhood but he can't keep it because where he is renting they don't allow a second pet . I own a house with a big backyard (roughly 25×25 yards, fenced in. The yard is really nice and has sunny and shaded areas. I live in Southeast Texas.
    My question is could the dog live a happy and healthy life if it stays in a nice doghouse in the yard? Obviously I will be taking her for walks in the neighborhood, playing with it in the yard or occasionally take it hunting with me. I just don't want the dov to live inside the house. Any input is welcome.
    P.S one would think it would handle the climate just fine since its an African breed? Also the doghouse would be in a shaded part of the yard under the trees

  • Have you tried to find the owner of this pup? Someone may be very upset about losing their pet. Have you checked with the vet for a microchip? Or with the local shelter in case someone has reported a missing dog? Is the pup tattooed?

    If this pup needs a home, then I would not recommend keeping it outside. Basenjis do best with their people, which means in the house and close to you as much as possible. They are also notorious escape artists, so unless your yard is very secure with high fences (not chain link, they climb!) it's likely your pup will find its way out, especially if it is left for long periods of time unsupervised. That may indeed be why it was "found" as a stray in the first place.

  • @elgreco
    This dog needs to live in your home as a member of your family. Owning a basenji is like having a 3 year old child. The dog wants to be with you and wants to be part of the family. Keeping a basenji completely outside is not a good idea - definitely not fair or good for the dog. Please reconsider if you can not maintain the dog as a family member in your home- find a good home for the dog - the basenji deserves the best possible life!🙏

  • A Basenji would NOT be happy as a yard dog.... They are a family pet and need to be with their humans and be part of the everyday family life. If not, they will for sure tell you about it. IMO, all dogs need to be included in the family. Sounds to me like this pup would be happier placed with a family that includes in the family situation.

    Also, was this pup checked for a chip? And if found in the neighborhood was a search for its owner done? If the owners can't be found, please contact www.basenjirescue.org and give the pup to them to find a suitable home. Also are you sure it is a purebred Basenji? Do you have pictures?

  • Hi!
    Thank you for helping this dog.
    Please do see if someone has lost their dog as it can be terrifying when your loved pet escapes or gets lost.
    In regards to your question my answer is:no.
    Basenjis are a unique breed that require (thrive) within the care of an equally devoted human. Without interaction, stimulation, socialization you risk this dog’s temperament developing into much less than the potential they could reach.
    The bond that forms with the Basenji and their caretaker is quite special. Unlike other (many other) canines, Basenjis also need supervision for safety and have additional dietary and health needs.
    As you weigh out your decision please consider placement through Basenji Rescue & Transport. basenjirescue.org
    This is a national group for the support, adoption and specialized care of Basenjis. Contact if you have questions or concerns—no pressure to place your new friend—just good people to help you understand this breed and make an informed decision.

  • I have two Basenji’s, and I have to agree with the fellow replies, they are meant to be in a close family environment. They are a very independent breed and can be stubborn if you don’t bond and make them feel like part of your family “or pack”. They are highly intelligent. Leaving them alone or unsupervised can result in escaping or mischievous behaviors because they are bored and lonely outside.

    Although they love to bask in the sun and play outside, they love more than anything to cuddle and be close to their owners. They are a VERY loving breed and they thrive with socialization and structure.

    Frequent dog park play dates are their favorite. They are more calm and relaxed after a good few hours of playtime. If you feel you can’t handle the dog, it is better to find a forever home so that they can be happy.

    I hope this helps a bit.

  • It is wonderful of you to want to give this pup a good home. First, you need to determine if she has a responsible owner who is looking for her. Next, you need to find out if she is a purebred or not. If she is a mix, she might be okay living in your yard. All of the many basenjis and b-mixes I have known hated to be outside in the dark at night, even with a human! It's a weird quirk of the breed.

    For just about any other breed, your situation would be fabulous. For a purebred basenji it is not! I agree with everything everyone here has said. Basenjis need to live with people. I can guarantee that in time, she will let you know in no uncertain terms how unhappy she is - whether by digging to China in your yard, escaping, damage to your property (like digging a hole in the door to get inside), etc. It will take awhile, but it will happen and it will be very annoying.

    If you don't want a dog to live in your house, but you still want a dog, you should look for a breed that will be happy outside. It would be so much kinder for the b-pup to go to a home that will let her be inside. It is possible that her previous home expected her to live outside and that is why she was running loose.

    Please do not give her to the local animal shelter - they won't find her the right home. If she is not a purebred basenji, Basenji Rescue will still try to help, but they won't be able to take her into foster care. Good luck!

  • I agree that this is not going to be an ideal situation for the foundling, and
    I agree that it is appropriate for you to make an effort to find the puppy's owner(s).

    Any Veterinarian, Sheriff's Deputy, Police officer, or local Animal Control office can scan the dog for a microchip. If there is a microchip, they should be able to pull up the owners' contact information. If there isn't, they might be able to match the dog to a "lost report". If they don't have anything in the system, please register the dog as "found". I'm sure someone, somewhere, is looking for their little pal.

  • Just as an aside. Everything i have read about basenjis in africa has said that they are treated as great treasures. They live, sleep and eat in the homes of the natives. They are excellent hunters and honored in the family. When some breeders went to Africa they found natives reluctant to sell their animals and were costly when they agreed to sell. A basenji is often in the bride price. After thousands of years being treated as family it is not unreasonable to think they were bred for this attribute. Therefore being a totally out door dog is not in puppys best interest nor yours. I have had dogs all my life and have not found one as destructive and difficult to train as our dear basenjis can be, if bored or discontented. You do her nor yourself , no favors to keep her under those circumstances. Just saying...

  • Thank you for wanting to try, but this little one is not a give away kinda of dog? If it Is indeed a Basenji, you could post in your area for a lost pup. They may be too young to be chipped. Call the shelters, call local vets to see if some One lost this pup.
    She will not do well outside, they are smart, agility is off the charts and stealthy even as a puppy.
    Please, be a gentleman and try to locate the owner. This breed is not your normal run of the mill dog. They may not be vocal, but they make up their kind of communication in every other way. What they do best is out smart the best of us.
    Please post a picture and maybe this forum can help you find her real home, their are many people on this site that have connections with around the world breeders and rescues, and they are an amazing resource.

    While she is with you please take care of this special little pup; they are rare in the US, check with breeders in Tx. I almost bought a pup myself from a breeder there; also, check with rescuers for Basenjis, . Good luck, I do hope you find the owner for both your sakes.

  • @joan-duszka Thank you for your comment. I especially love the fact that they may be included in the "bride price". Mine is certainly my treasure, warts and all.

  • While I applaud you for wanting to rescue this little Basenji, they are not doghouse kind of dogs. They want to be with their human pack as much as possible, and keep in mind that just because they are an African breed, this little girl may have been out of Africa's climate for many generations and may not fare well in intense heat. My black and white girl does not do well in our FLorida heat for example. She prefers the air-conditioned sun she lies in inside the house. Basenjis are escape artists as well, and she may be able to get out of your yard.
    If you cannot keep this self-cleaning, low shedding dog in the house with you and you cannot locate the owner, Then Basenji Rescue and Transport is a good place to turn to find to find this little girl a loving home with Basenji saavy fosters and adopters. Best of luck to both of you.

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