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Hello all,
First post and sorry for not properly introducing my self but I am kind of in a hurry. First time dog owner, I ended up with a Basenji puppy 2 days ago when a friend found it on his neighborhood but he can't keep it because where he is renting they don't allow a second pet . I own a house with a big backyard (roughly 25×25 yards, fenced in. The yard is really nice and has sunny and shaded areas. I live in Southeast Texas.
My question is could the dog live a happy and healthy life if it stays in a nice doghouse in the yard? Obviously I will be taking her for walks in the neighborhood, playing with it in the yard or occasionally take it hunting with me. I just don't want the dov to live inside the house. Any input is welcome.
P.S one would think it would handle the climate just fine since its an African breed? Also the doghouse would be in a shaded part of the yard under the trees

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