Crazy, unusual funny stuff our basenjis do. A topic that will keep us all in stitches even as we may weep over all the other behaviors. Remind our selves why we love these kids soooo much

and wind up in a corner of the couch, standing for the longest time, on her head.

I meant to say after a round of basenji 500, our first girl Ch. taarakians cairo jubilee, would slam into the corner of the couch and just stand on her head for the longest time.

@joan-duszka They do love their headstands, don't they!

My girl Lady used to do the B500, ending on our bed looking into a mirror adjacent to it. She would stare at her image with a very fierce look on her face, then launch herself off to another lap of the race. Rinse, repeat. We used to laugh until we cried.

Cara does crazed spins on the bed. She sounds possessed.

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