Is your Basenji a Love Pig???????

  • Of course this is our first Basenji, so I really do not know how characteristic it is for Basenji's to be so affectionate. All I know is that our Basenji Roo is a real love pig! I think he is even more of a love pig than our Boston Terrier Bonzo is.

    So is your Basenji a love Pig??????


  • IMO, most b's want to be with their folks, have the folks touch them and tell them they are lovely.
    Yes, I am a love slave to my b's!

  • YES! 😃 Even to strangers! :eek: As soon as they are on their knees, Tillo is trying to sit in their lap :rolleyes:

  • Indi is a tease. He will come up to you give you big "come love me" puppy dog eyes and as soon as you get close, bend down he will run away.

    Other times he crawls into your lap and snuggles. But mostly the first one

  • Love Pig?? Of course! We were at a show on Sunday and my boy (who used to be afraid of anything/anyone new) was approached by a little girl with Downs Syndrome. She was petting him and he was just soakin' it up and playin' up to her big time!!

  • Tosca is definitely like this! She loves to snuggle, and will use her snout to push your hand to pet her when she wants it. Its so cute!

  • Jack is…..but only when he wants it. Don't ask him to come and snuggle with you. Thats the best way to get him to sit on the absolute opposite side of the room.

  • Brando is…all the time. Ruby wants love on her own terms.

  • @renaultf1:

    Ruby wants love on her own terms.

    Love on her own terms… that would pretty much describe mine. They're generally friendly with strangers, especially Bongo, but far from "love pigs". More like cool cats.

  • I tell folks if they like cats, then they are probably basenji persons..
    Most dog folks want dogs to be "well" dogs!
    I find my b's are more catlike…
    So, that is my description of them...

  • My first, Bambi, was a "love on my terms" kinda dog much like our current cat. Rocco on the other hand is like my shadow…ALWAYS wants to be near one of us...I wasnt sure if this was a female vs male thing or not...of course its those times that he is off doing his own thing we become it generally means he's up to something.

  • kiro is def like that…... she wants attention🆒 attention :p attention:D
    if shes not getting it then she going to do whatever it takes... to scream(silently).... LOVE ME NOW.... but once she knows she can have it shes set.... and darts off :mad:

  • I find the males are much more loving then the girls.

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