THIS is why I love Basenjis….

Over here in Indiana, it was the first warm day in quite some time. So naturally, I took Shango out for a long walk right near a river. There's a paved trailway there and he loves all the sights and smells.

THIS is why I love Basenjis.

Along the river there was a LARGE group of geese, about 50 of them, huddles together enjoying the nice weather. 50 large geese vs. 1 basenji? Sounds ridiculous right? Shango, being the determined basenji he is, carefully and very slowly as if hunting wild Elephants on the safaris, stalked up to them, AS IF HE WERE GOING TO ACCOMPLISH something!

They of course, flew away immediately. Poor Shango looked so disappointed.

What a heart of determination! The fact that my little guy thought he could actually do something about 50 large river geese just goes to show what sort of dog a basenji is and that's why I love them!

I can't let Medjai free outside, but I am sure he would love to take on a gaggle of Canadian geese. He doesn't seem so interested in the prarie dogs, but loves everything larger.

Sounds just like a Basenji… Of course there is the flip side too - on OUR walk (about a week ago) Bella noticed there had been geese... before I noticed, she tried to eat the evidence, AAaaack!!!:eek:

One field that we used to course on years and years ago… every morning when you arrived the geese were in the field..... Mickii loved to chase after them... one time she did get close enough to snag a foot, thank goodness she had the good sense to let go....

Of course when they were done trying to chase the geese... then their attention turned to "rolling" in the goose poop.....

Lol, Indy has the same instincts. The first time he stalked a goose he was going very carefully…carefully...(6m old puppy not so carefully). The goose heard him turned around and hissed. He stopped...pointed...and looked at DH like "UM....your turn, he looks angry!!!!"

hmmm the geese Blaze tried to 'play' with were not so passive. They attacked him, chased him, then he lead them straight at me and all the other dog walkers, of course this was during the SPCA fundraiser walkathon. That park was closed to dogs, except during the SPCA dog walkathon (aka huge, special event for everyone)… After Blaze's goose chase, they booted the walkathon and banned all dogs. I love my dog... I love my dog...

OMG Knipper:eek: now THAT sounds like a typical Basenji, LOL!!!:rolleyes:

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