• New to the forum. Looking for a Basenji puppy and found this breeder online. Any feedback/experience with House of the Basenjis? Responsible breeder or puppy mill?


  • They are an utter scam. You can read here.


    From a post on facebook

    A must-see website called www.houseofbasenjis.com that's packed with lies and deception. That tri dog, "Duke," looks oddly familiar.....oh, wait...that's because this really is a picture of Blade, MBIS/MBISS AKC GCH-B ukcCH, Intl CH, CanCh AB Rafiki The Icon of Cool, SDHR, who incidentally has been living with me these past 7 years and not in Philadelphia shelling out puppies with Duchess for this idiot to sell. Take a closer look and you might spot other dogs you recognize as I would venture several of these photos have been pilfered from reputable breeders' website or social media. In the slideshow on the top banner is a picture taken from the AKC library and used in the Illustrated Basenji Standard. The most ironic part of this person's website is the comment "....we want to be sure that you are the right sort of person;..." REALLY?? Who the heck is the "right sort of person" that misrepresents the dogs he/she is trying to sell to innocent prospective buyers and who steals other people's photos? Please, please, please share this post world-wide to make people aware of this deceit.<<

  • @fnienstadt - Backyard breeder as noted below. Find a responsible breeder who health tests at www.basenji.org and go to the link Find a Puppy

  • Thank you for the replies. Yes, either a total scam or just irresponsible, deceptive and lying individuals trying to make a buck. I am so glad I found this forum.


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