• Is anyone familiar with a basenji service called Ritabasenjipuppies.com? I am interested to know if others have experience with basenji puppies from them? I am new to this breed, however have researched extensively the breed. As well, we have experience with the Canaan breed. thanks, Tim

  • @timothyhanselman - This is a scam....responsible breeders are not a "service" this person has a number of different names and sites. The pups that they show for sale are stolen pictures from other owners and the same pictures show up on their other scam sites. Note the pups that have tags on collars, no breeder has tags on their pups... And note that Basenjis are not Hypoallergenic, they shed and they have dander, while they are good for some with allergies, do not take that for granted. You need to spend time with a Basenji and see how you or anyone that has allergies. Go to www.Basenji.org and there is a link on how to research a responsible breeder. https://basenji.org/index.php/about-basenjis/screen-breeders. Also you can search for responsible breeders at Basenji.org by state. These are all members of the Basenji Club of America. Also you need to make sure that any pup you get is DNA tested for Fanconi and PRA. This is a cheek swab and all responsible breeders test potential Sire/Dams before breeding and both of these are late onset so their claim of 1yr health would not cover these or hip issues either. Note that this site was just started in 2021... and there a many "red flags" on the website.... first they say that they only raise a "few" Basenji, but then they say that they research breeders? One doesn't go with the other. And then on the pictures of the pups they have this "Make an enquiry on this product" (which is not the US spelling..The noun enquiry is a British spelling of the word "inquiry)... really a living animal is a product. And then they say this "Related products" .................. Also this site does not list the registered names of the Sire/Dam of these pups they show? Responsible breeders always do this...

  • Thank you very much for the advise. We were suspect and will no longer be pursuing them thru this company. It appears very difficult to find this breed from a reputable breeder unless of course appropriately being placed on a wait list for perhaps well over a year. We are located in Pittsburgh, PA and I had searched those breeders from basenji.org, all of which appear not to either not have puppies or have placed their puppies. We had applied recently to Bellatore, yet it appears from their site that all their pups are placed. Bellatore is in New Jersey, but we were willing to travel if necessary. Best regards, Tim

  • @timothyhanselman - Keep in mind that Basenjis typically only have puppies once a year (Nov/Dec/Jan) and their litter size is only 4 to 6 puppies... 4 or 5 being the average. Did you try Sue Kite/Jeff Gillespie in Ohio? While most all responsible breeders have placed their litters from 2020, they might still be taking reservations for possible litters for 2021.

  • Hello, I had not tried Sue Kite and Jeff Gillespie. Now I have both left them a voicemail as well completed their application. I left your name as a referral since you have just suggested them.
    I cannot tell from their site whether or not they have available puppies. thanks, Tim Hanselman

  • @timothyhanselman - I am fairly certain that they do not have any pups still available from their litters from 2020. In all honesty you are looking to maybe getting on a reservation list for 2 Fall 2021 as noted Basenjis typically only come in season once a year and litter sizes are small (4 to 6 puppies). But if you are willing to wait... I can highly recommend them for a pet puppy for you and your family. I have know Sue Kite and Jeff Gillispie for many, many years and if you go to my website you can see some of their pups that now reside in sunny California.... and their offspring. We are not breeding for 2021 at this time and have not made any plans for 2022.

  • You could also consider "Nocturnal kennels" in North Carolina. It is about a 6 ish hour drive to Pittsburgh I think. The kennel is in the town of Roxboro. I just checked the site and Sarah is accepting wait-list applicants.

  • @timothyhanselman said in Basenji Breeder question:

    We are located in Pittsburgh, PA

    cool, I grew up in Mt. Lebanon (Southern Suburbs) 🙂

    Finding a puppy right away may be difficult (right now at this time of year). However, you may be able to find a slightly older pup that needs a home. Consider it, but... First things first. Find a breeder. Look for local (PGH ) Kennel Clubs and inquire if they have any members who own, breed, or show Basenji's. I am certain that there are Basenji's in that area, but I do not have their direct contact data. Good luck!

  • It seems it may be hard to find a basenji puppy. Does anyone know of a one year old basenji that would be good for children for adoption? Let us know. thanks, Tim

  • @timothyhanselman
    If on FB, you may want to join BASENJIS in need: Golden Opportunity.
    There are some adults looking for homes right now.

    And as one of the posts advises:
    "Stay patient. A lot of inexperienced people are buying puppies they are ill prepared for, from greeders who do not take their basenjis back.
    I suspect in the next 6-8 months we might see/learn of an influx of basenjis needing homes."
    Alas.... ☹

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