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Sorry that it took me a while to reply. I would love to trade pics with you. Everyday that passes, I am reminded of the Basenji Code. She is a bolter, I am happy that we have a storm door to help.

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Well, LoLa stayed stationery long enough to capture pics.

hope I did this right.

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To all who have asked for pics, trust me i've tried. Every time a snap a pic, my sassy one moves and shakes. As soon as pooch permits, i'll add pic. She is so clever and funny. Last night she slept on my husbands neck. LOL He can't resist her, she won't allow it.

Also, I had picked Ella Louise, but my daughter had her trained to LoLa before I could sneeze. So it's official LoLa Louise. Louise for when she misbehaves.

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We live on post and any problems are handled by work-orders. Well a contractor just left and he thinks that the pooch is mixed with Rat Terrier. Well upon further investigations, I am thinking she is a mix of Decker Rat Terriers, and Rat Terriers. I have read other sections of the Basenji forum and the Decker Terriers bloodline consists of Basenji. That explains it. She definitely looks like all three.

This website…msaurorash?n=0 from YodelDogs posted in September 2009 has pics of Decker Terries and they look a lot like Basenjis.

The only exception for LoLa is size. She is approx. 13LBS, smaller than a Basenji, or a Decker Rat Terrier, but average for a Rat Terrier. However, she looks just like a Basenji or Decker (Giant Rat Terrier) from neck down.

I wish that the shelter did more research, they had so many dogs, and many of them are Labs. Labs are high-energy dogs; they seemed only interested in adopting them out, then insuring a proper fit. I told the worker that she needed to be careful adopting certain breeds into certain families. I am happy that LoLa fits into my family. We love her and pamper her.

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After Mo left for the Rainbow Bridge, I was not sure when I would be ready for another B. During the past months, I began researching breeders, and the possibility of finding a new pal. I love the idea of rescue, but the dogs on BRAT never seemed to match my family. (I have children and already have a female dog.)
We just moved to Fort Polk, Louisiana, and the have a post paper that is circulates every week. In the paper the have listings for stray dogs located at the post humane shelter, with a website for the dogs available. I logged on just to see what I would find. So many dogs, but it was hard to determine breeds from the pictures. I decided to go and see the dogs myself, still believing myself not to be ready for another B.
The kennels were each filled with two dogs; one cage had a cute Boston terrier and a Sheppard. As I passed each cage, I could not help but feel sorrow for all the homeless doggies. However, I was still only looking for a B, which the person on duty had no idea anything on the breed. LOL
The last cage housed a very excited jumping little red-dog; I asked the worker if she knew if the little one was a Basenji mix. She replied, ?What?s a Basenji?? I told her that I wanted to see that dog, upon further inspection, I believed this dog to in-fact be Basenji like. She has red fur, a white throat and chest, a B smell, and a tail the curls up, but not in a complete Basenji curl. Her ears are both flopped and erect. Well, only one becomes erect when she becomes curious. She also wrinkles her forehead, in the cutest way.
She and I bonded instantly. The worker informed me that if she was not adopted that she would be shipped off, or gassed. (I?m not sure if she was being truthful.) I brought home my little doggie that may be part Basenji.
She has even managed to win over my husband; could not resist her face. She does have some NON- Basenji like characteristics. She barks :{, and I found out that she likes water when she decided to take a shower with me the next morning. I am pretty sure she is mixed with terrier. She loves to track and gets excited every time she sees anything that flies, to include birds, butterflies, bees and flies.
Additionally she has many B qualities, separation anxiety, and the need to run free. My favorite is her smell. I love the way Basenjis smell, and her fur is definitely Basenji fur. She also runs and stands like a B. I wish she howled like a B, but I am happy. I couldn?t stand for her to be pinned up in that cage one more day.

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Thanks for all of the replies. I am going to find a breeder that is listed on one of these sites. I didn't think that this person was reputable since there was hardly any information listed on the puppies.

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OPPS I must have deleted the rest of (my husband is in the military)

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We moved to Louisiana from Tennessee, I came across this add in one of local papers. Does anyone recognize this person? I lost Mo last year, and in the future, I will be looking for a friend, but I do NOT want to buy from a person that is not known to the community. I have found a few that have ties to other breeders in the community, but I am not sure about this person.

carol on Lycos Classifieds - Lake Charles, LA

This person placed an ad three weeks ago. Please let me know, I don't feel I am ready right now, but I will be someday and we will be here for about three years. (My husband is in the

P.S. i have been checking the BRAT website and I am finding few that match my family. I have a 10 year old and another female dog.

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Thank-you for the info. I did fill out a form and hopefully I will find one. I have noticed that they have several. I also found more sites; they are not related to BRAT. I am looking, but not desperate.

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Sorry I forgot to add that I do know how my Lab will react with other dogs; she is a Lab. Labs are one of the friendliest dog breeds, and our Lab has a mild temperament with other dogs. If you have seen the movie Marley and Me, it depicts Labs perfectly. I thought that my Lab was crazy until I saw that movie; I soon realized that it is typical behavior for Labs to eat walls, shoes and much more. I laugh at all the stories on this site, but I always think. Our B's chewing did not compare to our Labs. Other than the chewing, her breed is an excellent choice for a two-dog family. I love our Lab, but she is not my dog. She is my husband's dog, and Mo was mine.

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I do not have a cat, we travel to my brother-in-laws house often; he has a cat. My B loved cats as much as other dogs.
My son is 14 and my daughter is 10. I do have a Lab, and like B's, having another dog helps with the boredom. Before our Lab, our B was happy, but after we got a Lab, he was ecstatic. When our energy failed, he had a pal. Both labs and B's are high-energy dogs. The two were matched in energy, but not in aquatics. We had a pond in the community where we lived. We would take both dogs to it, my lab would swim, and my B would play with the kids. I am pro breeder; we purchased our lab from a breeder. The money and distance is not a problem for me. I see how many dogs need homes, and puppies are the first dogs chosen. It is harder to place older dogs.
I have fostered several dogs. Some came from puppy mills and the others abandoned. Our Springer Spaniel was abandoned at 10 years old; we kept him until he had to be put to sleep because of age. My B was also a stray; I found him wandering around my friend?s neighborhood. He was hungry, flea and tick infested, wounded and he had BB's underneath his fur. I searched her neighborhood for three days (it only has about 10 streets.) I also put an ad in the paper for 10 days, called the local pound and human society, and put up fliers. Not one person attempted to contact the shelters or me. In the end, I kept him and found out he was the best dog for me.
I used to prefer cats, but something about Mo made me LOVE him. He had many cat characteristics, minus for the sharp nails. I have a feeling I know the reason he was abandoned. He is a B, he had immense energy, if you left him alone with nothing to do he would chew, chew, and chew. I usually crumbled newspapers into balls and tossed them all over the house. He really enjoyed shredding them. I did not need to continue this after we got our Lab; she enjoyed the B 500 as well.
I already know the breed is for me, and I am willing to wait until I find a B that will work with my family. Do you realize if more people did their research before they purchased a dog; there would not be as many strays as there is.
I have looked at every B on the BRAT page. Some of the ones that available are not a fit. For instance, if the ad states: (needs to be only dog) I already know that this will not work. I would hate to find a dog, bring him home, only to find out he does not like children or other dogs.
I am not against purchasing a dog from a breeder. If I had to, I would drive to another state. My husband is in the military, we are actually in Maryland right now. We drove here from Tennessee and since have traveled to Iowa and back. In July, we are moving to Louisiana; so driving is not an issue. I just like the IDEA of RESCUE.
I have found a site that features more B's, but many are mixes. I liked the breed because of their distinctive traits. I would be fearful that the traits would be different with a mixed breed. One my favorite characteristics are the no barking, but yodeling. My dog was also very clever and corky.
I have started my search now, because I know that it may take me a while to find a B. In the end, if I have to go to a breeder I will. I however, prefer to select the less fortunate dogs that need homes. I also want to be sure that the B is a good fit for my family. It is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do

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