Basenji Breeders in Northeast America

expand your hunt, you know you can have the dog flown in ??

I lived in Hawaii and flew my KOA in from N.Z.

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Kokopelli Basenji - Gretchen Van Alstyne Rocky Hill, CT, 06067

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There are plenty of very responsible and reputable breeders, but also (sadly) many puppy-mills. You should take your time and do your research - buying a puppy is far more important than buying a car !

He/she is a living animal and deserving of proper care and attention. Make sure you see the health records and pedigrees of the parents and can rely on advice and support from the breeder you select.

The page is out of date. I got my wonderful Jessey from Julie Hartigan - Marjani Basenji in 2011 - her page has not listed puppies since 2014 and the site itself is out of date. Thinking she gave up breeding?

@krazytoo100 No - she bred this past winter. AND she sent me all the litter details for the on-line Basenji Pedigree database.

Visit it and ask it for Marjani. You will see from the dates of birth who she bred this past winter.

Possibly your little girl is an Auntie ? Or at least a cousin - that is what is so fascinating. We are all related one way or another through our Basenjis. Its fun to find out. But it will only be possible if I get the data - Julie is very good at letting me have her information !

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@krazytoo100 - Please note that breeders pay to be listed on the site and it is up to them to provide the links and updates, not I would suggest that you call or email her. She is on facebook also.

@zande Hi. How cool! He is there - #53 - Marjani's Hunters Run. 🙂

@krazytoo100 said in Basenji Breeders in Northeast America:

@zande Hi. How cool! He is there - #53 - Marjani's Hunters Run. 🙂

And Julie sent me in details of her final litter registrations for the past winter only yesterday. Not particularly cool - but now you can have hours of fun checking photos of many of his forebears !

Shame all the Basenjis represented on these forums aren't on the website !

Thank you all for the info! I’ll definitely try to get in contact with the breeders listed to see what they have planned for the upcoming winter/in the future.

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