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Bells! My b-girl likes to roam in the woods and I just invested in a loud pair of bells that go on her collar so I can always hear approximately where she is. I started her off leash early like those above and she was attached to me and my other dog at the hip so I just rewarded the heck out of her for those behaviors so by the time she was old enough to gain confidence and want to go off on her own, she knew to always come back. She does chase squirrels and birds but I always go to wooded areas away from busy roads so she can do so to her heart’s content and I don’t have to worry. I still of course carry treats and reward her sporadically for coming back so she never knows when a treat reward is involved. Seeing her pure joy at running full tilt through the woods with my other dog (a catahoula mix) truly will never ever get old

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I have the same allergy symptoms with most dogs and it can get pretty bad, but Basenjis don’t bother me at all. I’ve had 3 (1 passed, 2 still with me) and none of them ever gave me an allergic reaction

I’ve also just spent the last 7+ months raising a basenji puppy and it’s definitely not something to be taken lightly lol. I mean our bond is extremely strong (so strong that her recall is actually AWESOME, which is practically unheard of for Basenjis, especially 10 month old Basenjis haha) but potty training was rough, and there was no way I could leave her alone for 8 hours without her having an accident (maybe I could now, but only in an emergency, not something I would feel comfortable doing on a regular basis) - I’ve started leaving her out of the crate for small periods of time with no people home, but she’s living with three other dogs so she has plenty of company. Otherwise I could see her being ultra destructive, even with tons of toys to chew. Even when I am home, if she gets bored she’ll sneak off and find something to destroy that she shouldn’t.

If you reconsidered the adult dog thing, an older basenji could potentially be ok in those circumstances! I have a 12 year old male basenji that will still happily go on 2-3 mile hikes every day and would keep going if I let him haha, but is just as happy to snooze on the couch or chew a a toy or otherwise occupy himself for hours. Obviously you aren’t looking for a senior, just saying that they are tough little guys that are always up for adventures well into their adult years, without the puppy craziness.

We adopted our first female basenji when she was 3 years old and she was always gentle and never destructive, would happily lay around in the sun while we were gone and be ready for a walk or hike when we returned (though I think we just lucked out and ended up with the most perfect, well behaved basenji ever as our first basenji haha). And her bond with us was incredibly strong, even though we didn’t have her as a puppy. A 3-4 year old would still give you 10+ years to build a bond and to have her by your side, and wouldn’t have the same issues as a basenji puppy. I’m actually really glad my first basenji wasn’t a puppy, cuz I definitely would have not been prepared for that. I only considered a puppy after 10 years of living with basenjis, and even then it was really, really hard. But I also understand the desire for a puppy. Good luck! I hope you find the right buddy 😊

Edit: oh, also, sometimes breeders have adults available for adoption! Ex show dogs or dogs returned to them for some reason. Could be something to look into - also in that case the breeder will have lots of info on their history and disposition and stuff, so you’ll kind of have a cheat sheet going into it

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does anyone know anything about All Star Basenjis? They seemed fairly legit, with a public FB page with lots of videos of their pups, but when I messaged the breeder they seemed very abrupt, immediately told me what the deposit & final price would be, and didn't ask me anything about myself/if I was a good fit for one of their puppies, which just...seems kind of sketchy. However they did provide fanconi results when I asked. And their FB page says they have been breeding for 20 years and have sired champions etc etc. I just got a weird vibe when I messaged them....does anyone know of them/what their reputation is?
(I grew up with basenjis but this is the first time I am buying one as an adult myself)

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