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Thank you all for the info! I’ll definitely try to get in contact with the breeders listed to see what they have planned for the upcoming winter/in the future.

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Hello Basenji forum! I’ve been looking into Basenji’s for a few years and I think I am finally at the point in my life where I can confidently care for a dog of my own. I’ve grown up around dogs (mostly rescues of varying sizes/breeds) and while I love my rescues and their many many quirks I would like my first dog to be from a breeder.

Basenji’s are a breed that have been on my radar for a while and after meeting a few in person I think I’ve been sold on them. I’ve read that they only breed once a year in the fall/winter, so I figured I would start searching now. My only question now is how to find a reputable breeder somewhere not too far from myself (Hudson Valley NY, but I’d be willing to drive anywhere in the Northeast USA). I’ve been looking around on the AKC site but was then told that those listings are not always reputable. I did some more digging and wound up here!

If anyone knows any good breeders planning to have a litter this year, or even next year, on the American Mortheast coast, Id love get in contact

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