Questions about a breeder in Louisiana

  • We moved to Louisiana from Tennessee, I came across this add in one of local papers. Does anyone recognize this person? I lost Mo last year, and in the future, I will be looking for a friend, but I do NOT want to buy from a person that is not known to the community. I have found a few that have ties to other breeders in the community, but I am not sure about this person.

    carol on Lycos Classifieds - Lake Charles, LA

    This person placed an ad three weeks ago. Please let me know, I don't feel I am ready right now, but I will be someday and we will be here for about three years. (My husband is in the

    P.S. i have been checking the BRAT website and I am finding few that match my family. I have a 10 year old and another female dog.

  • OPPS I must have deleted the rest of (my husband is in the military)

  • Nope, this person does not ring a bell. And there are no Carols listed in Louisiana in the BCOA roster, nor anyone with that location. Most responsible breeders are members of the Basenji Club Of America.

  • Finding the right breeder for you is the first important step in getting a great match for your home. Hopefully, your experience will be as wonderful as mine have been. My breeders are great, lovely dogs and I email or talk to them on a semi-regular basis. When I'm in town, I'm welcome to stay at their homes and my dogs LOVE to see them again. A good breeder will want updates - good and bad updates. Personally, I've never heard of the person you mentioned, but that doesn't mean much. However, I do not see that person listed here:

    Which is a great place to start looking. Another place to meet/see basenjis and their people is at a dogshow.
    click on the Conformation tab and pick out states near you.

  • I also have never heard of the person you have listed. And as already noted they are not a member of BCOA and most responsible breeders are….

    Regardless of who you go to, you need to first verify health testing. You need to know the registered name and number of the sire and dam and then you can check it out on the OFA site for health testing.

    Agilebasenji has give great links and ideas for finding a responsible breeder.

  • Thanks for all of the replies. I am going to find a breeder that is listed on one of these sites. I didn't think that this person was reputable since there was hardly any information listed on the puppies.

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