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_Don't anthropomorphize dogs.

They hate that._

susan, who is…..owned by Jasper & Schubert the Standard Poodles, Gracie the Rhodesian, Pup-Quiz the Basenji and their Basenji brother, Jones.... on the North Coast of CA, USA

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"House Breaking a 9 Month-old"

He also doesn't seem to get that peeing inside is bad. Only once did I catch him. I firmly told him NO! and ran him outside. I let them all out right away when we get up, after napping inside and shortly after dinner. Since he doesn't have the sleep schedule of a 8-12 wk old and he's spending most of the day sunning outside its hard to figure out when he needs to go.

On the plus side, he is VERY sweet natured and really laid back (when out of that evil crate). I think he'll be a great dog once we get him conditioned. I just hope we can do so before the winter weather starts to come!

Any suggestions? Just keep up with the "outside" and NO! and consider ear plugs?

**Peeing in the house is not "BAD" it's just what doggie do when they don't know what to do. It might work better to train what you want him to do and not what you don't want him to do.
We take ours outside every 20 minutes and especially after waking and/or eating, and PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE if they get it right. If they don't we say nothing, absolutely nothing if they have an accident. My puppies trained in approximately 4 months. The older dogs trained more quickly.
I used a lot of Nature's Miracle.

All my dogs, whether we get them at 10 weeks or 6 months slept in my bed. Not one had an accident.


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Not polished ???
Sorry, but that is one of the silliest things that I have heard in ages.

**I'm sorry; to what is this referring? 😕

I have seen dogs that are uglier than sin.. in the show ring no less!
People that can't breed a decent looking domestic basenji aren't going to be able to breed a decent looking African basenji!

**Uglier than sin? Really?
I really prefer health and temperament and function as breeding goals. IMHO.

How is that for a bunch of African beauties???

**Your dogs are quite lovely.
So are my two Jasiri-Sukari B's. But neither would win in a show.
We think they're beautiful, too. And they both have sweet temperaments. Lucky us. 🙂


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Hi Susan,
IMO, basenjis don't look that different from than their early ancestors, or their relatives in Africa right now. There are some in Africa that look like they could have come right out of a domestic bloodline litter, and their are ones in domestic litters that look like they are straight out of Africa. I agree that historically western breeders have selected for a few traits that aren't found in Africa, mainly curlier tails, smaller ears, and color (of course)...but overall, I think the dogs look remarkably similar.

**Some would agree and some wouldn't. Our Sarah looked very similar to some of the early Africans I've seen photos of. She was pretty big, big boned and long backed, but she had a very curly tail. Sarah was a 'coarser' looking dog. She might have survived in the wild, but not for long. IPSID got her.
What's interesting is defining what is "Basenji" in Africa. I know of some people who believe that, e.g. the Benin dogs aren't Basenjis. I've been having this discussion with a friend.
Dogs were interbred with others, some feel that jackals were/are included, so "pure" is questionable. What defines "pure"?
For awhile I'd heard that some of the recent French Basenjis were bred so short backed that they couldn't move properly.:( And like many current show dogs, I wonder how functional our dogs are. I love breeders whose dogs are competent in other areas besides conformation.
We've only owned 5 B's, but each was/is very different. They are truly exquisite. So are my Poodles and my Rhodesian.

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Hi! I'm Susan. My husband and I are on Basenjis #4 and #5. We've had Basenjis since the early '90s, 15 years almost. We now have a 4 1/2 year old r/w, Quiz, and a 2 1/2 year old tri, Jones. Both are from the Jones sisters in SoCal. We also have two Standard Poodles, white Jasper, 7 1/2, and blue Schubert, 4 years, and liver nosed Gracie the Rhodesian Ridgeback who is 3 1/2. Our family is a handful.:)

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