Find a Breeder

Anyone know breeders based out of Windsor Ontario, Dennis and Lynn Arrand?

I am familiar with them, but I didn't think they were still breeding?

Too bad, our last Basenji, Trouble who is now 9 has a wonderful temperament and gets along well with children and other dogs, we would love to have another from similar breeding lines.

@jfeairs - I am sure if you call them, they can give you a referral.....Lynn Arrand is on Facebook

Thanks I will try to contact her through FB

Great idea...maybe find a relative , or just a litter with similarly temperaments.

I am looking for a male basenji to breed my female around Houston TX anyone know of a breeder or have a male with good temperament

@cheryl-goodman - Have you talked to your girl's breeder? Have you completed all health testing and recorded it with as public record, especially DNA testing for Fanconi and PRA? Have you done any showing or performance events with your girl?

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