• Thanks for all the info. There seems to be another scam site that needs to be called out on Facebook called Basenji Puppies For Sale: https://www.facebook.com/thebasenjis/

  • @WingedLion - As noted there is a conversation going on FB about this House of Basenjis, the pictures they are using are NOT her dogs, especially the Tri Male that is free stacked on their home page. It is a picture of a very well bred Basenji owned by a breeder and a well titled Best In Show male that lives in Texas... Run very fast from this so called breeder

  • @tanza I read the discussion on FB and have no plans on buying from the House of Basenji. I already found a breeder I'm going to buy from.

  • Wow, I was corresponding with the owners of the website over the weekend.
    I was very close to pulling the trigger on one that they had listed. It would be my first Basenji..

    Just today, I was asking them for more pictures of one of the pups, and I have requested one picture with my email and todays date on a piece of paper next to the one i was interested in.
    I haven't heard back from them since I asked for the picture!
    Very glad I found this forum and signed up before I went through with it.
    I am highly interested in a tri color boy if anyone is selling and is can help arrange transport to california! Good to meet everyone, and I am excited to find a Basenji pup to bring home!

  • Another red flag was when I looked up their web address on ICANN.
    It says the website was created "Created Date: 2017-06-25"
    very recent...
    Also it looks like it was registered on namecheap.com, and there isn't any info on the registrant, just this:

    Name: WhoisGuard Protected
    Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 0823-03411, Panama Panama PA

  • @ryulal I don't think that site will be up much longer because the owner of the site knows he's been exposed.

  • @WingedLion good! dang scammers...
    I will continue my search elsewhere...

  • WingedLion is going with a Puppyfind breeder...the first big ole flag about the size of north america. Then, you have to register and upgrade to see the pics, no info or pedigree, just an over priced male dog for $600... that should add up to an equally huge flag.

    Responsible breeders don't post on puppyfind. Responsible breeders proudly list their kennels, pedigree, health clearances, genetic tests, etc. Please, go to rescue or go to BRAT, Calif rescue, or even florida's camp basenji. . There are dogs out there needing homes, breeders with puppies on the way, or young adults needing homes.

  • @WingedLion - Would that be the breeder in PR? I suggest you read my post on the post by the person looking for a puppy in So. California

  • @tanza said in House of the Basenji:

    @WingedLion - Would that be the breeder in PR? I suggest you read my post on the post by the person looking for a puppy in So. California

    I have read your post and replied to it.

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