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@WingedLion good! dang scammers...
I will continue my search elsewhere...

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Another red flag was when I looked up their web address on ICANN.
It says the website was created "Created Date: 2017-06-25"
very recent...
Also it looks like it was registered on, and there isn't any info on the registrant, just this:

Name: WhoisGuard Protected
Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 0823-03411, Panama Panama PA

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Wow, I was corresponding with the owners of the website over the weekend.
I was very close to pulling the trigger on one that they had listed. It would be my first Basenji..

Just today, I was asking them for more pictures of one of the pups, and I have requested one picture with my email and todays date on a piece of paper next to the one i was interested in.
I haven't heard back from them since I asked for the picture!
Very glad I found this forum and signed up before I went through with it.
I am highly interested in a tri color boy if anyone is selling and is can help arrange transport to california! Good to meet everyone, and I am excited to find a Basenji pup to bring home!

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