• Hi, I am looking for a puppy or a young basenji, red and white.
    I am already an owner of a basenji and would like to add another to the family.

  • Time to learn your import regulations…
    it is very cool that the UK has changed and after 01-01-2012 you will not have to deal with the 6 month quarantine.
    Pups can get their rabies vax at 12 weeks of age and then wait 21 days before import to the UK.
    Super cool!

  • Tily, I don't know anyone who still has pups in the UK… are you looking for a winter 2011 breeding ?

  • You wouldn't be interested in a 16month old red/white bitch???
    Read all about her on the thread in rescues needing homes.
    You can contact me on facebook on paws 'n' fur


  • Tilly29 I hope you'll contact vwithers - this bitch obviously needs a home soon.

  • Mindy is a beautiful Basenji and we are very interested in her if she is still available? She would be a perfect companion for our basenji Travis.
    Many thanks, Birkin family.

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