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oh, cool, let us know how it goes.

Please check out
There are so many available a Basenjis that need a good home.
Please do your HOMEWORK so you know what you're getting into.
Basenjis are a beautiful breed that require a lot of attention but they will bring you so much satisfaction and love. Good luck!

IMO the most concise guidance I've seen is from Zande Basenjis: It's all good but perhaps too short for people to give it the attention it merits. Runs counter to the idea that why use one page when fifty will do.

I think there is also a note about why you might want to get one. LOL

My first piece of advice would be to know you don't want to let them off the leash. It's a mistake everyone makes but it's one you don't want to make (I confess being stupid and doing it twice with our first Basenji). My second piece of advice would be to not get one too early if you're getting a puppy. They need time to socialize. My third piece of advice would be that the price of the dog doesn't matter. Hopefully you'll have many years together, and by the end the price paid will be a rounding error with all the expenses.

Good luck. Basenjis can be great dogs.

In regards to how to find a responsible breeder there are links at for screening breeders.

Thanks for the responses I've been to BRaT several times in fact its one of the first websites I ended up at when I began researching Basenjis in the summer. Usually they have older dogs though which makes me a little nervous. I'd honestly prefer a dog no older than 5 years old. So we can have a lot more time with him/her in the family. The Good bad, and Ugly section is a god place to direct people to begin the weeding out of potential owners who may not be as ready as they think they are with the breed.
I never saw Zande Basenjis before but this is the most comprehensive list of why I, or any new owner isn't ready. Thanks again for the tips. I'll keep searching.

Being that we have been owned by Basenjis for close to 20 years.

If you open a door or gate without paying full attention to where that Basenji is they will take off. Nose down eyes scanning anything they can smell and or see.
We have had many Basenji roundups over the years. You have to very cautious, some are better than others but of the 4 I’ve had 3 would send you running.
One other thing to keep in mind never put a nylon lead on one at the collar I’ve seen one chew through it in nothing flat.
I have all woven steel leads for mine.
They are an excellent companion animal you just always have to be the pack leader.
Good Luck

@linda50 good tips you are all very helpful thanks.

There are Basenji owners in the Reading, PA area who show their dogs and make a point to appear at various dog events in order to showcase the breed and introduce it to the public. Some searching on the Net might yield some results. I opted out of all things Facebook and Internet-related years ago, so I can't offer exact contacts. But, check out Reading Basenjis. And good luck. Be aware that B's are unique and special and more challenging than a
typical two-year old child. But, my Basenji mix is the best dog EVER.

@hyacinthe Have you found a Besenji? I have a 5-month old male Besenji that I need to re-home.

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