• Good Morning, everyone!!!

    I am need your help! I have been looking for a basenji for over a year now…...and unfortunately have not been successful!! I am in South Florida and can not find a local breeder to respond.

    Can anyone offer me suggestions????

    Please help!


  • Hey there. While I'm not in Florida, I am more than willing to ship. I will be breeding my litter next spring so if you can wait that long for a puppy from a responsible breeder I'd be happy to keep in contact with you.

    P.P.S I live in Colorado. And I do know some breeders on the East Coast…one in GA and one in NC. Just contact me and I can get some info for you! 🙂

  • Have you been to the Basenji club of America website? They have an online breeder directory. There are no breeders listed in Florida but there are several in Georgia if you are willing to travel to pick up your new basenji.


    Lisa Voss

  • Have you checked the BRAT website.
    They do rescue basenjis all across the US.

    Sharron in Wa state

  • Thanks so much for the input! We are actually thinking of traveling to NC for vacation but I am just not sure when. Would love to be able to contact a breeder, perhaps, in GA or NC. Denise, who did you use in FL before she retired? I have a feeling that may be who I was trying to contact.
    I would love to be able to have a baby from your litter but I would also prefer to meet the pup before so that may be very difficult…..

    Advise from you guys on why this breed is so difficult to find?

    I have been onto the websites you all listed.....the breeders in Fla are not responding to my emails or calls..... 😞


  • Did you not recieve any response from the BRAT site?
    They are usually very good at getting back to folks.

  • Basenjis and responisble breedes are not that hard to find, sure they may not be in all states… but there are many within driving distence.... There are a couple of people you might try, 1. Midge Greenlee (Director, Basenji Club of America), while she might not be activitly breeding she can sure direct you. 2. Peg Grundman, I believe is still breeding... Both are in Ocala. It is important that you go to a responsible breeder...

  • HI! I don't know if you're interested but we have 2 Basenjis that were recently returned to us for allergy reasons…we are in MN but if you want to contact me we may be able to work something out that you could afford if you are interested.....contact me if you want more details about them....they are 8 months old and housebroke. Otherwise, best wishes in your search.

  • Hi–I have the most adorable and cute 8 mo old girl. She is so cute people literally stop their cars and get out to say hi to her, and I can't leave a store without her causing ooohs and ahhhhs! I need to go overseas for an opportunity, and want to find her a great home. I have tons of pictures I can share. She's small, dish face, gorgeous liquid brown eyes. Let me know if you'd like to see the pix.

  • Hello I'm in Miami, Florida and puppies will be available 01/14/07 I have (2) Girls and (1) boy. I have my own question and Answers quiz as far where the puppy will be staying at and since your in Florida one of the questions is if I can keep in touch and bring the mom and dad around some time. any how please let me know if your intrested.

    Take Care,

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