Wanted...Retired Basenji...

Looking for an older Basenji. No kids or other animals in my home (unless you count my BF). Just miss the breed so much, yet don't exactly have the energy that is needed to deal with a puppy right now. Will take a pair if they are inseparable. Live in Tampa Bay, FL area. Will travel a little to get Him/Her/Them.


Have you contact BRAT (Basenji Rescue www.basenjirescue.org)

And what happened with BRAT?

I read your reply and keep trying or contact someone here-

Have you tried breeders in your area? They sometimes look for homes for retired dogs.

No, I haven't...Maybe I should

I have notified Brat as well as left you a link to another group in your other thread.

Grouchyeve, your link is to Basenji.org... breed club .. they'll just refer her directly to brat. I have contacted Debbi Johnson for her.

@Dsims1976 really should contact BRAT -
i didnt want togo through the puppy stage as well- and hes been such a pussy cat!!!

i got my 2 year old basenji to accompany my other boy and hes been awesome!!!!

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