Basenjis in DC?

Hi there,

Similar to many of the posts I've seen, I am looking to add a Basenji to the family. I am looking for a reputable breeder in and/or near the District of Columbia. I am willing to travel as well, but wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations in and around the area?

Many if not most of the puppies are already born, placed for promise at this point. Contact all the states near you and let them know you are interested. That way if a puppy comes back to the breeder, they have you on a list. Or if someone had some homes fall through, you're there. It helps is you are willing to take dogs 6 mos and older... ones that may not have worked out for shows. Breeders here may know of some also. Good luck!

If all else fails, then you are on lists for next year... or you could consider rescues.

Go to and you can search breeders by state

Thanks! Forgot to give the link!

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