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    I recently placed a Basenji puppy that was 6 months old. I had gotten the puppy and one litter mate when I bought the parents. The people that got her are having just a terrible time. She had not been handled when I received her and that was explained to them. They had done alot of research and wanted to take her anyway. Now the husband is just being down right hateful. I have already refunded their money and now he is wanting me to pay for all her training, etc.. I offered to take her back and no go, he has accused me of animal cruelty, etc… I am trying to find them all the resources needed, dog whisperer, anything that will make this basenjis life better. The dog comes to his wife, but not him. She is very fearful and withdrawn. Please help.... I am so worried about this little Basenji and just don't know what to do. I feel I placed her in a bad situation and don't know what to do.

  • Honestly… I would just tell them they can return her to you... period..... sounds to me like she is in a bad situation... period.... and if you offered to take her back... how is that animal cruelty?.. Obviously this is not the right household for this pup

  • I did offer to take her back and he said NO.. That she had already been mistreated at my home and that he would not send her back to such tourture. My hands are tied I guess. I can't make him send her back, I just have to put up with the threats of dragging my name all over the internet and taking me to court. I was just hoping to give them somewhere to turn and find help for her.

  • When did you get the dogs? If you have record of that, you should be able to show them and convince them that it wasn't you that has mistreated this pup.

  • They can tell that due to the puppy registration papers. I just can't get it through to this man. He is just so rude and talks right over you on the phone. I guess I will just live and learn. I just hate it for the puppy. Apparently they have taken it to a friends that has Basenjis and it escaped today and he makes a point to tell me that his experts tell him the dog was severly mistreated. That tears have been shed by so many people and what a terrible place she came from. He is still smearing my name, no matter what I do. The pup just wasn't socialized/handled by many people the first few months. She did fine with my husband and I. I am just at a loss here.

  • This is a tough situation for you! Is there anyone you know who might like to take the puppy then you could tell the husband that there is someone else interested?

  • I would write a letter asking him to cease his references to you as cruel mean etc. List in bullet form the facts of the dogs previous life. Make it very matter of fact on emotional.

    Last paragraph you say this, "This serves as your notice that if I continue to hear my character defamed and slandered, the next notice you will receive will be from my lawyer."

    Sign your name and at the bottom cc a lawyer. (contact them in advance re: what your options are for slander)

    Want to talk more - click on my name - go to my homepage and you can email me through there.

  • Thank you guys so much for the information. I will definately write it as you said. Maybe he will then stop being so ugly. I know that there is no way he will let me or anyone that knows me have her. All I know is I paid him back for the dog, paid to fly it to them and now I get to be rimmed out on the phone, emails, etc. I just love hearing what an irresponsible breeder I am and how much I abused the dog. It just makes me fighting mad to be accused of such things. I love my dogs so much and they live better than I do it seems… Thanks again, you guys are the best.

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