Basenji family tree

Does anyone know of a dog (or I guess it could be human?) family tree template that I could use to document AKC FoPaw's Basenjis Man In Motion Kipawa's heritage? I would love for it to be one that I could work with on the computer rather than print out and do it by hand. Thanks

You can use Sally's website. It will do it for you once your dog is in it. Otherwise, right now you could do a trial pedigree with the parents.

Wonderful…. will get busy on that tomorrow! Thanks, Nemo.

I used Kipawa's parents and went back 5 full generations. I could have gone more, but I left it at that for now. Sally's website is really awesome, and I am delighted to say I have an "Avongara" in Kipawa's family tree: Avongara Zamee (dam).

Sally's website also has pictures of the dogs, so it is really interesting to see how they all look.


Yes, Sally's site is a true gem for all of us..I love to just browse and look at pictures of all the oldies..too cool.

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