• Does anyone know of a dog (or I guess it could be human?) family tree template that I could use to document AKC FoPaw's Basenjis Man In Motion Kipawa's heritage? I would love for it to be one that I could work with on the computer rather than print out and do it by hand. Thanks

  • You can use Sally's website. It will do it for you once your dog is in it. Otherwise, right now you could do a trial pedigree with the parents.


  • Wonderful…. will get busy on that tomorrow! Thanks, Nemo.

  • I used Kipawa's parents and went back 5 full generations. I could have gone more, but I left it at that for now. Sally's website is really awesome, and I am delighted to say I have an "Avongara" in Kipawa's family tree: Avongara Zamee (dam).

    Sally's website also has pictures of the dogs, so it is really interesting to see how they all look.

  • Houston

    Yes, Sally's site is a true gem for all of us..I love to just browse and look at pictures of all the oldies..too cool.

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