Thinking about studding my Basenji

  • I think I would like to stud my basenji since he meets all of the AKC breed standards, comes from a great line and has great personality traits that I feel should be passed on. I'm not sure if it is worth the hassle though if there are many stud dogs out there. I would like to help out the breed if it's worth it. Any thoughts or advice?

  • "Meets all of the AKC breed standards" based on whose judgement? That is what breed shows are about. He should have some credentials of his own, not his ancestors. Has he at least been tested for Fanconi clear? Hips cleared by the OFA?

  • What is his breeding? Has anyone inquired about using him?… Has he been shown?.... Have you done health testing? Fanconi, Hips, Elbows, Thyroid, Eyes? at the very least? There are many Stud Dogs available that people might be using... but it depends on what your male has to offer the breed... Great lines doesn't mean that he would be a good sire, what is it about him that you think would improve the breed? That is what all breeders need to ask themselves.

  • You want to stud your Basenji and I am looking for a stud for my basenji, but I see you live in the US and I'm in Canada.
    We love our Basenji so much and we want more and I thought it would be only fair to let our girl have a litter before we
    had her fixed because we would keep all the puppies we love the breed so much, I'd have a house full of them lol, and our
    2 kids love the breed just as much as my husband and I do.

    Its too bad we live so far away.

  • Sorry but all I can say is oh dear, please think deeply before you act.

  • Why do you think it is "only" fair that she have a litter? If you want another, buy another… don't breed... and if you are considering breeding, have you done health testing? DNA for Fanconi, Eye Exams, Hips evaluations, Patellas, Thyroid as a start?.... Breeders bred to improve the breed, not just produce puppies. What does your bitch have to improve the breed? What is her breeding? And trust me, if she had a litter of 4 or 6+... you would not keep them all... but if you place them, are you prepared to take them back for their entire lifetime or whatever reason. Are you prepared to make sure that none of them are bred and placed on a spay/neutered contract, but if they were bred, are you prepared to take back all those puppies also?

  • I am assuming post #4 is sarcasm. If not, add me to the "oh, dear" comment.

  • To the OP, unless you do health testing, and then get a title on your dog, your best bet is to not breed. To do it right will cost you more than you could ever get in stud fees unless he is phenomenal.

    To Rosie.. wow. No. Contact BRAT and adopt a dog. The fair thing to your dog is to love her, spay her and not risk cancer, dying or complications from whelping and other issues. The responsible thing to your children isn't to become a backyard breeder creating puppies, but to show them you actually CARE about animals and not produce more. Unless of course you are willing to fork over the money required to do all the health testing (this is not your vet saying "she's fine" but rather hip xrays, Fanconi DNA, thyroid, heart etc!) AND pay for stud service to a dog who has also been tested (good luck with that– most reputable stud owners don't just breed to anyone).

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