• Hi all-

    I'm trying to put together an up-to-date website (Petigree) that lists all dog breeders in the USA, and we would love to add as many Basenji breeders as we can!

    I started this site a few months ago because of the frustrations my girlfriend and I had when trying to find a reputable breeder.

    This site is by no means perfect, but we are doing our best to help both prospective dog owners and breeders alike. Detailed health information is going to be added to the breeder profiles in the upcoming weeks.

    If you are a breeder, feel free to chat me privately, respond in the thread, or sign up yourself: dog breeders


  • If you are looking to list responsible breeders, go to www.basenji.org, breeders that are members of the Basenji Club of America are list by state (optional to join that list, but only for BCOA members).

  • Confused. Really. We have breeders listed in AKC, and in breed clubs. OFA maintains health certifications. Why reinvent the wheel? It's unlikely breeders who haven't tested or didn't report bad results will just open up to you.

    Then you have Sally's database...which is extensive. A look at her work on just Basenjis might give you an idea of the enormity of what you want to do. So I really must be missing what your reasons and goals are.

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