Basenji breeder in PA or surrounding states

My wife and I are looking for a female Basenji puppy in PA or surrounding states. Looking for some referral or suggestions.

Last time I spoke to Laurie Owen of Spring Willow basenjis (she is on Facebook) she had a girl left. This was several weeks ago though! She is in Ohio.

There are a lot of great breeders out there but this time of year most puppies are spoken for.

Jean Martin in Tully NY is excellent, also look on the Basenji Rescue And Transportation site (B.R.A.T).

Thank you so much I will try to locate contact info!

You can’t do better than Eldorado Basenjis in Attleboro, MA

Thank you all.. unfortunately I tried them all with no success!

Try Dana Johnson in Georgia. Harmony Hounds. It looks like she has one male and one female left.

@cop635 - Please make sure that whoever you go to, you are sure to check out health testing. You can go to and search by state, you can also see how to find a responsible breeder. I would say that is they are not Basenji Club of America, good chance they are not responsible breeders.

Many not so responsible breeders have already been mentioned on the Forum, you can search by name.

@crazyse. Laurie is who I got basenjis from, she is great and very reputable.

@cop635 - You also might want to try Jeff Gillespie in Ohio. He is also on FB. That is where my C-Me and Joy came from

@neema said in Basenji breeder in PA or surrounding states:

Try Dana Johnson in Georgia. Harmony Hounds. It looks like she has one male and one female left.<<<

You won't find Harmony Hounds on BCOA. Please be patient, put your name in for possible failed placements or owners decide now isn't the time. The worse that could happen is if you don't get a pup until next fall. Just taking an available dog from questionable breeders can result in a lifetime of issues. Go to OFA and you'll be impressed with the lack of testing under Dayna's kennel.

I just went to and the basenji pup they show there has a black muzzle, which seems a bit strange. On the other hand, if you go to Images, there are some pictures of other Harmony Hound basenjis that appear to conform more closely to the AKC standard.

The site owner displays two certificates from Type in trainpetdog reviews and you can access › Pets & Animals › Dogs › TrainPetDog and this site is an online training site that has received 60 reviews with the majority being one star.

Some old postings from 2009 on this forum appear to raise some questions on this breeder.

Laurie is a friend of mine. My parents got their basenji girl from her 🙂.

If you aren’t set on a girl, I think Klassic Basenjis in Ohio has a couple boys left.

@b5004ever - Black muzzle is not uncommon in Basenjis, it is referred to as "masking". It fades as the pup ages. Usually found in bloodlines that carry the "Tri" gene. That said, look closely at the heads on those dogs. Compare to the heads found on the illustrated standard at ( There are some unanswered questions if a sire was used that was known to come from a person in the West that crossed Basenjis with Fox Terriers

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