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Any relatives of Luna out there?

She is under Luna II

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She is 1 year and 8 months. She is amazing. Too smart for her own good.

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Luna would like to meet some Basenji friends.

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My basenji is not typical but I will tell you something interesting I have discovered with my basenji. Once a week or so she seems to get agitated and starts biting my arm. I take her to the backyard and run with her for 5-10 minutes. She does the Basenji 500 and runs and runs and runs. Then she goes poo. After that she is fine. I am guessing that she is feeling something but doesn't recognize what it is. After some running she is ready to go.

This may not be the case with your basenji but no harm in trying right?

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Try Dana Johnson in Georgia. Harmony Hounds. It looks like she has one male and one female left.

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