Advice for potential first-time basenji owners

  • @dogelover Awwww ~ I'm jealous now!! He's sooo cute!!!

  • The 4 yr old.. how long do they think it will take to settle him down?

    Good luck on the other dog. He is adorable!

  • @DebraDownSouth They think he will take at least a couple months if not more. He is biting when they try to put a leash on or put him in the crate. They are thinking of sending him away for intensive training 😞

  • That's really too bad. Both are behaviors I would think they could work with. 😞 I hope they get things okay with him. 😞

  • @dogelover The older B was with another family & then returned to the breeder?? I agree with Deb - those are behaviors but I wonder what (or IF anything in particular) happened that he "acquired" those behaviors!! I
    hope they get it worked out with the little fella' ... I feel bad for the B & the humans too! 😞

  • @dogelover said in Advice for potential first-time basenji owners:

    He is biting when they try to put a leash on or put him in the crate. They are thinking of sending him away for intensive training 😞

    I would think a good clicker trainer could sort that in very short order. Make it his idea to go into the crate or come to be leashed. The crate thing would be the easiest, the leash thing a tad harder but getting him to come to you when you hold out the leash would be key. Not taking hold of him physically but getting him to offer the behaviour is the way to go. Once he trusts his handler then one could work toward defusing the reaction to physical placement.

  • Neither would be all that difficult to retrain. Treats treats treats !

    Put the leash on the floor and a treat or two on it - when he accepts that put the leash in your hand which also has treat - then the leash in one hand treat in the other - then touch him with the leash while feeding a treat (go back a step if he doesn't like this) - then snap the leach on while feeding, etc etc you get the idea. At any time if he tries to bite go back a step until he is comfortable.

    Same for the crate. Stand away from the crate and toss a treat in so he sees you do it, when he goes in for the treat praise praise. Move closer and same thing. Once he's comfortable with going in then toss a treat for him to get and close the door (but don't latch it) when he goes in open it immediately and praise. Toss treat, close door, and leave close for second or two then praise praise. Toss treat, close and latch door, open immediately and praise. When he's off somewhere else toss a treat or three in the crate without him seeing and then walk him past the crate. If he goes in praise praise. Keep all this up until you see him go in the crate on his own to see if any treats in there - big time praise! Crate him for few minutes while you walk away. Come back treat and praise. Then longer and longer times until he becomes totally comfortable with being in the crate. Notice that you never touch him to get him in the crate.

  • @wizard Thank you for the advice! I think his main problem is a fear of being handled. He doesn't mind his crate or leash per se, but he growls and bites when he is handled to be put into either one. The breeder isn't sure what happened in his previous home to make him this way - she doesn't have the full story.

  • Follow the steps and that should take care of the touching - you never have to touch him to get him in the crate anyway and the leash part will take some time. Don't do all the steps for the leash at one time - gradually increase to his threshold. I would also treat him anytime while handling (random petting, touch an ear, etc.) so he becomes more accustomed.

  • Hi all! Update time. We met our potential B today and we are going to get him! He is an absolute love bug - Loves people and giving kisses. We won't be getting him until this summer because he is finishing his show season. Here are some photos of the darling:!!0_1492369836444_IMG_9967.jpg 0_1492370034888_IMG_9986.jpg 0_1492370194439_IMG_9973.jpg

  • @dogelover He is SOOO Handsome!! Very happy for you! Be sure to get another while this one is still young or middle aged. I've had a B in this apartment since I moved in 15 yrs ago. Now it's so empty .... I can't even sleep more than a couple hours before I wake up - all alone. Every room had a B in it, back yard too & now, it's all just so empty & it"s worse than horrible.... It's hauntingly empty. So if you love this one fiercely, get another!!

  • He seems absolutely wonderful! Congratulations!

  • Thanks you guys!! Since we have a couple months before he comes home, does anyone have any book recommendations on training basenjis? He has never lived in a house before, but he does have basic manners because he is used to being shown.
    I guess the one thing we are nervous about is him adjusting from kennel life to home life. Right now he has a kennel with a large open dog run for him to run in. He is very energetic so I want to make sure to meet his energy needs!

  • @dogelover - who is his breeder?

  • @tanza His breeder is Marjani Basenji in Purcellville, Virginia (Julie Hartigan). He is Fanconi clear and PRA normal. 0_1492438034316_Pedigree 04-17-17.png

  • @dogelover - Thanks for the pedigree. Didn't know that she had her Basenjis as kennel dogs..... It will be a period of adjustment going from a kennel dog to a house dog. Do you know if he has had "house time" or always in a kennel? If always in a kennel, everything will be new/start from scratch for training. Back to house breaking 101.... and needed to be confined when you are not home. Try to keep it as routine as possible for the first couple of months.

  • @tanza It doesn't seem like he has house time, but I can't say for sure. He is okay hanging out in his crate because he has to be in there when traveling for shows. He is not housebroken. But he is very food-motivated so that will help when training.

  • @dogelover - Like I said then, back to house training 101. You may have issues with him marking in the house
    since he was never housebroken. You should ask the breeder if he has had any house time... Will you be having him neutered or will he be neutered before you get him? While I have never used one, you might consider a belly band, Here is a link so you can read about them. There might be people on the Forum that have used them.

  • @tanza thank you!! The breeder says she has never seen him mark while she has him walking around at dog shows, but who knows what he will do in a home setting. We will be getting him neutered after we take him home.

    Is it true that intact males generally do not do well with other males? The breeder says he gets along well with females.

  • @dogelover - That is true for most all dogs... breeders will recommend male/female combo and not same sex. This is a rule of thumb, not to say it can't work. And unless you are breeding, no reason to keep intact and not neuter. In fact, males can be collected and semen frozen, so can still be neutered and sire litters.

    I have to laugh a bit about the comment "never seen him mark to shows".... honestly, I have never NOT SEEN a male mark at shows... or female for that matter.

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