• Start your puppy out right with the guide that every Basenji owner should have

    We took a couple dozen Basenji experts and fanciers and found out what they would like to see in an ideal guide. The result is this concise yet thorough 50 page illustrated book now in it's fourth printing. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned Basenji owner, you will find this a valuable reference. The Basenji Owners Manual is used by many breeders as a cost-effective way to educate prospective Basenji owners -an educated owner is a happy one! Published by the Evergreen Basenji Club.

    Topics include:

    First Aid
    Show Training
    Breed Standard
    Indexed & referenced
    …And much more

    The Evergren Basenji Club Basenji Owners Manual

    published by the Evergreen Basenji Club. Copies are $8.00 each plus $2.00 each copy for postage and handling. To order, send a check (US funds only please), payable to the Evergreen Basenji Club, for the desired number of copies to:

    Basenji Owners Manual
    P.O. Box 1601
    Duvall, WA 98019-1601
    Compiled by the Evergreen Basenji Club Program and Education Committee. All proceeds go to the operation of the Evergreen Basenji Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to the Basenji.

  • I have the Basenji Owner's Manual from the EBC, and I have found it to be a pretty complete guide. My husband and kids thought it funny that I'd buy an owner's manual for a dog – okay, it did seem a bit odd to me too -- but I love that book, and I'd recommend it to any one considering a Basenji.

  • It was so helpful to me when I first got into basenjis.
    They are so like no other breed.
    Its helpful to know your not crazy, yes, your basenji is doing THAT and its normal…for a basenji!

  • Finally, my BOM came in the mail. I already read it front to back. It has a medical insert regarding Fanconi to reference for myself and for vet's who may be unfamiliar with diagnosis and treatment. That is a great idea. It is interesting read. Some of it relates to young puppies and training of which I am past that point now but very beneficial. If only Duke came with this manual . . . At only $8 it would be very wise for every new Basenji owner to be given this manual before or when they pick up their puppy or rescue - for the everyone's well being.

  • Thanks for the endorcement.
    This book is great for the price.
    It is really for puppy buyers, but I tell anyone who has NOT owned a basenji that this is a very good workbook.
    Hopefully, anyone who is new to the breed, or thinking of having puppies will get one and put it in a bag with the items they send home with a new puppy.
    Hope everyone has a very good fri the 13~

  • Is there a way to get this FEDEX 🙂

  • Sorry to be so late in replying.
    I work at the Post office and we all know what that is like now, with the holiday season taking off.
    As far as I know, they do the mailing through the PO, but if you really need it sooner, ask if they can send it fed ex.

  • Am I able to get this book shipped to Canada?

  • I don't know,but I would tell you to go to the site and ask.
    If they can't, then I will send one up to you.

  • Does anyone know where i can get this book in the UK please?

  • I think it's made by a local B club (Washington, right??) in the US… so I imagine you have to order directly from them.

    I'll bet you can get a US forum member to ship ya one 😉

  • @thunderbird8588:

    Does anyone know where i can get this book in the UK please?

    Yes, I be interested in a copy too. 🙂

  • I have emailed the Evergreen club and they will ship the manual to the UK at a cost of $8.00, you pay by paypal. Kay who sent me the email has said to let her know when paypal has been used as they dont always inform her.
    I am going to send for one in the next few days.

  • Have sent for my book, can hardly wait, all we need now is the Basenji 🙂

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