It's official - I am a basenji owner!

  • Hello everyone!

    Yep, today I feel that I am officially and truly a basenji owner!

    Lillie (who I adopted 3 mos ago from a rescue shelter) has just destroyed my last dining room chair. First, it started with her chewing on the wood (both top and bottom). Then, she realized if she chewed on the seats she would find foam in there! Slowly but surely I threw out 1 chair at a time and today was the last chair! I can't get angry - she is just so cute! I now have a dining room consisting of a hutch and a table. Anyone else have the same?

    I have noticed that she is fitting right into the description of a basenji based on messages I have read on this site. She loves foam, mattress covers, hard plastic, all my son's art creations, socks, slippers, wood, her dog leash and everything that is in her reach.

    At times it can be frustrating but I have to admit out of all the dogs I have ever owned (5) she is without a doubt - the funniest!

    Thanks for all the laughs I have had in reading your messages. I will definitely continue laughing along with you.


    PS I have to go because Lillie is trying to eat my computer mouse!

  • Hey, congratulations!!!! ggg….

  • Congratulations!!!! Bs are GREAT…welcome to the "club"

  • Too funny…congrats on your initiation 🙂

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