Basenji Time line

A treasure trove of great info. Thank you

Very interesting to read the history of the breed. I was surprised to read of the guy who tried to rehome his basenji and no matter where he placed it, it found its way home - we live in fear if ours got out, they'd never come home -

Thank you so much for the link - I hadn't got so much information about the Basenji in the USA.

a great piece of information, i shall have to return to it frequently as there is so much to take in. Thanks for posting.

There is loads of information on the Basenji Club of America website… which is were this comes from.


Awesome..I rememebr seeing this a few years ago, but it was nice to get re-aquianted to it. Thank you for sharing.

I'm ashamed to say, Pat, that I hadn't looked much at the BCOA website. As soon as posssible I'll visit there for a more studied look.

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