Basenji owners clothes

So I was on Amazon and did a search on Basenjis. To my surprise there are tons of shirts, hats, signs, sweatshirts ect. so I thought I'd share for all the Basenji enthusiests out there….

Oah My Gosh!!!!
This is SO true!

If you are looking for basenji related clothing the 2007 Basenji Club of America's Nationals committee has some great items for sale. They had some at the lure trials this weekend and they look really nice.

OH wow! Now I can be an appropriately dressed servant to my little, rotten B! 😉 Thanks for the links! 🙂

I love these shirts…:) now if I can get my husband to wear one!! 😃 😃

I really like the ones for those who've lost a basenji (my basenji waits for me in heaven) and then my personal favorite 'yes, I really do love my basenji as much as you love your kids'.

'yes, I really do love my basenji as much as you love your kids'

That's my favorite!!! I need to wear that all the time especially with the looks I get from my sister who is not a fan of dogs & has 2 kids…ugghh 🙂

Those watercolors on there are great. It would also be pretty funny to have the 'sleeps with Basenjis' night shirt especially since it took so long before my boyfriend finally caved (he'd get a kick outta that).

LOL yeah some of the stuff on these sites are just too cute
I liked the lady that does the clay figures, she's got other breeds but her Basenji's are just too cute


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