Who has the largest basenji?

  • Not the fattest, that can be another thread!

    Our new boy is 3 years old and weighs 30 pounds and is 18.5 tall x18.5" long. He's a big boy.


  • Oakley won't win..he's 33 months and little; weighing in at 21.4 ( he's usually 23 buts been sick..) love my little peanut!

  • Cricket was 23 pounds… after she ate a pound of Kubassa...
    She's healthy at 21 lbs

  • Elliot is 23lbs at 9 months. He needs to put on a couple of pounds but he's a picky eater.

  • Kaiser is 17.7 inches measured from the shoulder down and length about the same, weighing in at 29.7 pounds at 1 year old, so your boy is a biggie. I like my boy's size as he does like to play with the big dogs at the park and can keep up quite good. When he snuggles with me I wish he was smaller especially when he plonks himself right on top of me, oh and lifting him in the bath.

  • Mine have all been close to breed standard…...16" - 17" tall, bitches 22 lbs, dogs 24 lbs. (at least when they are fit and not fat!), but it seems to me we are seeing more tall individuals lately, with attendant greater weight. I am curious whether this is being selected for in breeding, or just a result of accompanying other traits that are considered desirable, or perhaps because of nutrition?

  • Would being large be frowned upon in the ring?

  • @Barklessdog:

    Would being large be frowned upon in the ring?

    I guess you would have to ask the show people, but back in the day I think it would be considered "off type". In some breeds, size can be a disqualifying factor, but I don't think that is true of Basenjis. Please correct me if I'm wrong. 🙂

    Edit to ad:

    "SIZE: The ideal approximate size of dogs should be 17 ins. high, and 24 pounds in weight; of bitches, should be 16 ins. high and 22 pounds in weight. Length should be very nearly the same as height. Variations may be permitted in these approximate measurements, bearing in mind that the Basenji is a lightly built, Gazelle-like animal, and that any coarseness is a serious fault. While a 17 ins. male is preferred, size must never take preference over type. "

  • Does being the biggest pup of the litter and just getting a lot more food than the rest also add up to being bigger in size as an adult rather than just genetics, not sure what size Kaisers litter mates ended up being but am curious now. He is carrying a little fat but then it's winter and that's normal isn't it. Also can early neutering affect growth, he was neutered at 8 mths, I thought I had read somewhere it did.
    He isn't a show dog but is perfect to me and that's all that matters.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • I believe early neutering can result in a taller dog. Certainly it is true with horses. Geldings will generally end up taller than stallions, all other factors being equal. Genetics should be the determining factor, but lots of food early can result in faster growth, not necessarily a larger animal at maturity. OTOH, inadequate nutrition can stunt growth. Line breeding, overdone, can result in smaller animals, (I know someone who is turning a large breed into something approaching dwarfs because her stock is so inbred…..not on purpose, I should add), and outcrossing can buy you "hybrid vigour", where the offspring are larger than their parents.

    I think the "perfect dog" is the one that suits you. Bonus if others also think he is perfect. 🙂

  • I have seen many dog far more than 24 pounds win, and the african ones I saw were much bigger. That said, Arwen is easily 27 pounds at ideal weight, maybe 26. Cara, on the other hand, is a giant at over 40 pounds as are many of the Wimauma feral pack. Obviously they are not things of beauty or form, lol.

  • Do you have pictures?

    As an pet owner, personally I love the look of big muscular basenjis. Still their something to be said of thin graceful girl basenjis. It might be a guy thing?

  • LOL– Ava looks like a jock. She's 20.5 lbs at 8 months, but she's muscular and very strong and beats up on the boys. She's like Pigpen -- she doesn't care how dirty she gets and will wrestle around in the mud if you let her. She stomps through puddles and thinks it's great fun to splash muck on anybody around.

    By contrast, Spencer was tall and lean and as graceful as a gazelle. He was neutered young and his growth plates took longer to close, so his legs were long and coltish. He was fastidious and dainty and HATED to get dirty. No way he would step in a puddle and get his feet wet!

  • Both boys we have owned have been the same way, very clean. They clean their paws before they come in. The girl never cares.

  • LOL– the boys are neatniks and the girls are messy. I thought it would be just the opposite!

  • Just so no one feels bad - Beo weighs in at 37 lbs… and that's without a speck of fat on him; I don't want to know what he'd be if he were overweight. He was expected to turn out on the big side, like a lot of the half africans. Interesting thing is that he topped out at about 8 months.. here's him next to a female basenji.

  • Wow what a great looking brindle boy.

    He really is big!

  • Congo is 28lbs when he is at his fittest weight and sometimes gets to 30Lbs. If he gets below 28lbs, the vet says he is too skinny. Congo is definitely one of the bigger basenjis I have seen. He is about 18 inches tall.

  • Mine is right at 20lbs and I feel he is a little runt. He is already 10 months so I doubt he will be getting any bigger

  • awww, but the good thing about that size is that you could take him on a plane with you if need be.

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