The breed's newest import from the Congo…Paya

Thought I would show off our little Paya who came to America on March 11 of this year from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, imported by Dr Jo Thompson, Lukuru Wildlife Research Project. She's a real sweetheart and has totally stolen my heart.


She is such a cutie. I can't wait to see pictures of the little pilgrim exploring her new world.

For some reason, photos are all coming up blank boxes with a red x in them for me now. 😞

Soooooooooooo precious…you must be proud....puppies are so sweet, I want one......

She is very cute….

Awww how cute, congrats

Is she on the left or right??

do you have some progresssion photos from this past month of her?

Oooh…how adorable! Love the name! Post more pictures when you can!

HiCotn, you by chance didn't live in Westerville at one time did you? I met a woman on Sunday at my son's soccer game that had just brought a puppy from Africa.

Yes, I did live in Westerville until a few years ago. We moved out to be able to have land so that they dogs could run.

Did I have one of my Africans with me?


Current photo of imports from the Democratic Republic of Congo…Lukuru region...imported by Dr Jo Thompson and CarolAnn Worsham


They look super!!!!! Paya is just darling!

Oooh so cute - can I have them come here :p

Hey Carol Ann,

Good to see you on here. Paya looks great. We need to come visit again. Hope all is well.

Just amazing. Great looking dogs

Is there any place to read about the trip?


Just amazing. Great looking dogs

Is there any place to read about the trip?

There have been articles in The Basenji Mag.. you should subscribe. There is a web site you can visit for details.

Are these the b's that were at my house??
If so they are lovely indeed.

Wow, they are lovely indeed!

Oh, major error.
Of course these weren't the b's.
Do share some photos with me when you have a chance.
I so enjoyed puppies!


Oooh so cute - can I have them come here :p

MN…you are kidding, aren't you? It's 7 degrees here in Ohio and we're FREEZING! How 'bout you coming here? I "may" be a bit warmer and a lot less snow!

CarolAnn Worsham

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