New to the forum :)

He is so gorgeous looking, love photo no.3 and jealous of photo 2 as my cat is yet to feel that comfortable with Kaiser yet. Enjoy your little fella.

Jolanda and Kaiser

He is gorgeous! Very lucky to have him, hope you get to enjoy all the crazy unique mannerisms. So jealous he gets along so well with cats; Oakley would sniff them incessantly and wouldn't be able to

Welcome to the forum!

lovely baby! look forward to seeing him grow up.

He looks like a cheeky boy! I bet he's loads of fun…

Love the pictures! He looks like a winner to me. Bonus, he gets along with the cat. 🙂

Thanks everyone! I have two cats and while this one is fine with the puppy, the other avoids him at all costs. My previous boy Cody was also fine with MY cats but if we came across a cat outside all bets were off.

What is your boy's breeding, many of us are related here by our Basenjis

Ch. Meisterhaus Puzzle Piece x GCh. Meisterhaus Signet Glitz 'N Glamour 🙂

Becky I have a thing for the reds and he is lovely. LOL love the snoozing with the cat. 🙂 Glad you have joined us!

Welcome, Becky! Elliot is such a handsome boy. He is a cousin to my Ava, who is just a few weeks younger. 🙂

Elliot is related to my C-Me x Jasper babies… Jasper is Ch Meisterhaus No Nonsense, C-Me is Ch Klassic-Tanza Color Me Tri,SC

Aw who is Ava out of?

Our little tri girl is a Jasper/Rain baby from Tad, just a few weeks younger than your boy. Our friends have one of Elliot's brothers. Ownedbyspencer's Ava is a Dara/Simon baby, a gorgeous (and spunky) little brindle girl. So Elliot has quite a few connections on here!

That's awesome! Tad's a great guy. I got to hang out with Ava's GORGEOUS brother Grant (who was Elliot's best friend). Anyone showing their pups?

We don't show. Our friends who have Elliot's brother, as well as another boy from Tad who is a year older, show. Leonardo won't start until they finish Davinci though.

Is Grant Ava's brindle brother? He is a lovely boy! I believe Tad is planning to show him? Are you showing Elliott?

I won't be showing Ava, but I'm hoping to try lure coursing or agility with her. She has plenty of energy… but very firm opinions of her own! And her prey drive isn't strong. She watches squirrels and bunnies infiltrate her yard, instead of chasing them!

Yep Elliot and grant were his show keepers I believe. I co-own Elliot and I will be showing him :). I am planning on doing some coursing and maybe agility too!

Welcome to the forum, I have 3 Meisterhaus Basenjis and one Meisterhaus whippet, all of mine have finished their show and coursing championships and recently the last one earned her versatile basenji award by earning her race title.

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