• So today I think hell froze over: dh surprised me . . . STUNNED me, really. . . .and got me a puppy!!
    Another Jumoke baby; this time it's a little boy and he is sooooooooooooooo cute!!! He is actually Jazzy's nephew. . . as if that matters to them, LOL.

    Good ol' Gypsy has been great about it. Jazzy is doing far better than we'd expected – just a little grumbling at him here and there, but has also played a bit. The little guy is doing great. He'll be 12 weeks on the 17th, and is so busy and curious about everything. It's so fun to have a puppy in the house again. We didn't tell our kids, just drove up from the show; I had Jazzy in my arms and I asked them to please get the crate out of the van for me. Oh the screams when they realized there was a puppy in there! It was so fun.

    The little guy doesn't have a name yet. Bryan and Laurie have a South Pacific theme for this litter, and we're working on it. The kids all want to name him South Pacific Island Kahuna, but I'm not convinced. BUT, I did tell them they could name him, so I may very well be stuck. :p

    I'll post photos ASAP.

  • yay! can't wait for pictures!!!

  • Lucky you!!!!!! Congrats!

  • HUGE congrats!!!!!

  • Congrats!! I'm so happy for you! Ahhhh the excitement of a new puppy!!

  • YAY!!!! Send pics!

  • OMG congrats you lucky girl you

  • OOOOH how sweet & you're SO LUCKY 🙂

  • i saw pics on her myspace page. he is so adorable.
    i will probably get to see him before the rest of you…...na ne na ne boo boo!

  • Congratulations for getting your new baby! (finally!) I saw a couple pics in your gallery. He is sooo cute! I kind of like the name Kahuna - maybe he'll grow up to be a li'l "big Kahuna!"

  • YIPPEE!! WOO HOO!! What a guy!!! Send pictures!!!!

  • That was quite a surprise I know and such a nice thing to do for you, I know you have said in your post that you wanted another puppy. Yea, you can't beat the joy of owning a new puppy, and by the way, Kahuna is rather cute.

  • Congrats on the new baby, definetly need pics, and I also like Kahuna it's a BIG name! 😃

  • Congrats on the new baby. Want to borrow some ear plugs? :p

  • CONGRATS. I had read ur other posts on wanting a new puppy. See husbands can be nice too. Can't wait to see pictures. Again congratulations…I'm so jealous. Kahuna is cool, I like that too.

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