2 separate questions in one: Choosing a breeder, and EU health testing.

The first is that age old question that is overly asked all over the boards; on every breed forum that exists:

1.) When should I get the 'hint' that a breeder is not interested in working with me? I'm starting to feel like an over-zealous ex at this point. I was communicating with someone I felt would be easy to deal with… and initially sent a couple messages around October/November....my messages were well received....fairly quickly. However, the last three messages I've sent over a period since that time (two in November/December, and one recently at the end of January) those haven't been acknowledged. Now, I understand this person is likely very busy but it would be nice to get an update on what's going on every month or so. I mean a month or two of preparation time knowing for sure yes/no would be helpful....and if they have time to post on their facebook you would think they would have the ability to send a short message back.

I'm not going to force getting a puppy, if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out...but the time was perfect....and I feel like at this point I've been pushed to the back to make way for more 'suitable' individuals. Then again maybe October wasn't early enough.

At any rate I've been extremely interested in the European litters I'm seeing..they are just very Basenji type (in my mind) and considering looking into them....I really didn't want to have to ship a puppy out so far.....

Anyways, at what point should an individual start to maybe get the hint ? To be fair, I was never told I was on any kind of waiting list, but it was implied in the messages that I would be a good candidate; So I filled out an application promptly and sent that many months back (not going to put the name here just in case that might be misconstrued as a passive aggressive attack).

I have no problem being turned down, but it's the uncertainty that's making me unsure. I'd like to know if I need to go elsewhere or just wait....I think I was spoiled with my 1st breeder - Lisa S. is absolutely amazing, and was always very courtesy and responsive. Am I being a little impatient?

Curious as to what others have to say, or their experiences.

2.) Anyways, sidling into my second question....OFFA for the US but is that for EU dogs too? Where would one find health testing for European basenjis? If there is such a database.

thank you for your time,

I've never been in this position, since I always went to the breeder's location to look at the pups and arranged to buy one after they were born. However, although I realize these days people like to message or email or text, there is nothing like actually talking to someone to ascertain what the position is. I highly recommend picking up the phone! A breeder (not Basenji) I know would never even consider selling a pup to someone she hadn't had a long, detailed conversation with…..

I would also recommend that you place a phone call and see what is going on… There have been some very, very nice EU litters (at least from the pictures) this year. However, that said, if I were to get one from overseas, I would fly there to collect the pup.

OFA has all results from Fanconi and PRA testing (US and Foreign both). Any other test, someone else would have to jump in and advise, I would assume each country has its own....

Thank you both for the information,

I guess I was hoping there would be some kind of messaging from this person saying "feel free to call me" but I should just take the initiative. Absolutely agree with the long conversation bit….someone who just tosses their dogs that easily without figuring out who the person is first...it wouldn't seem right. And this person probably gets a ton of messages, hopefully not as many phone calls.

You should call to see if you are on the waiting list. I know my breeder had considerably more resevations than pups this yr, but many breeders are still in the process of placing pups with new owners, sometimes a litter ends up being the wrong sex for many of the reservations so there is a lot of communication back and forth to go to the next person on the list. Seems like is was mostly boys born this yr to all the people I know. i would recommend no later than July for pups. As breeders need to know how many are reserved before they decide how many of their girls to breed and breeding can happen as early as late August the way seasons have been falling.

I know how hard it is waiting, I knew my breeder had a full waiting list as she hadn't breed for a while so I made sure I did everything to increase my chances of being a good candidate for a first time Basenji owner, research/visiting other owners and most important going to see the Breeder and pups at 5/6 weeks of age. At the end of the visit I asked the Breeder if I passed the test and if she would allow me to have one of her pups and lucky for me she had a big litter of 7 and Kaiser came home. We had communicated via email and she kept me up to date on what was happening, the mating, if her bitch was pregnant etc but I had no idea where I was on the list and not until the visit did I think I would get a puppy. So I think breeders may have a list but if it's the right person for the dog it doesn't really matter where you are on that list, it comes down to if they think you are suitable. I had a hard time stopping myself from asking via email re am I getting a pup/ how many other people are waiting/where am I on the list etc but any good breeder is going to check you out good before they hand over a Basenji pup. Doesn't hurt to ask the Breeder but she may not have made up her mind as yet and doesn't want to disappoint you by not having a definite answer , you still will have to be patient which I know myself is very hard. Being a Basenji experienced owner must make you very suitable so I hope we have puppy photos coming our way soon to enjoy. Good luck.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Jolanda and Kaiser

This person is orchestrating more than one litter. As well, initially this person was very responsive and "yes, yes we have puppies!". I would find it hard to believe that there was not a single puppy with the right personality. But, absolutely, if they consider another person more suitable or they get a better option I'm sure they don't stick to just the people who contacted them first. Not a first come serve issue at all - which is good. I'm all for breeders choosing the right person, and having personal preferences. I can't get upset about that…

....But, I don't like it when they aren't upfront. If I'm your third, or fourth choice it would be nice to know that so I can make you my third or fourth choice as well. And I absolutely understand that they would choose people who are closer to them over someone like me who lives way up in Alaska . However, a little honesty would be lovely.

I think I'm just a little sore that they don't have the time to send me a brief update, but they do have time to answer the brand new post on their Kennel Facebook page from someone who just started looking for a basenji.... and "yes, yes we have puppies available!" Which makes me hesitant to even call them at this point.

AH well, I can't know what's going on. They may not have any puppies with the personality I'm looking for (or gender), or they may have more preferred family homes.

I just feel like it's a lose/lose situation at this point; either there aren't any available, or they tell me at the last minute and I have to run around making rushed preparations.

That is bad. Try breeder referral, they are pretty good at getting leads of who still has available dogs. Too many breeders want show homes first and wait too long for that perfect show home

IMO, I would not take a puppy from a breeder like that. I think I would look for a different breeder that stays in communication with people looking for a puppy. I have always been upfront and typically it is first come/first served…. obviously there are considerations regarding sex of the puppy when people have a preference, but it is mostly in order that I was contacted. And I always tell people were on the list they are.

I have to agree with Pat…some breeders are difficult and when you get a feeling that you are being bothersome...it's never fun...the relationship you have with your breeder is an important one and you don't want to be stuck in a situation you aren't happy with....guessing where you stand isn't a good way to start things off

Thanks for the responses, glad I wasn't the only one feeling 'paranoid' about it.

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