Why Buy From A Responsible Breeder

I have put together a webpage with information about responsible breeders and why everyone who is considering buying a basenji puppy should want to get one from a responsible breeder.


Great info thank you

Good stuff Lisa thanks:) . Do the homework and be patient with your search, good things come to those that wait;) . You'll be rewarded with a quality Basenji and a support resource to help you on your way.;)

Great Lisa, you might want to link directly to the "screening breeders questions"… I can send you the direct link?

That would be great.

Lisa, can I link to this from my site as well?


here is the link, Lisa if you want you can just copy and paste into a new word document

Pat, can I link to this too?

Yes, you may link to this page on your webpage.


Pat, can I link to this too?

Yes, of course… please do...

I found that sometimes the words we use are also the same words that BYB and PM's use - I always remember that I bought my first basenji from a puppy mill and I thought I had done research.

I put together a comparison that some have found helpful. It's at:


Great page and wonderful work.


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