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Right off the bat, I feel the price for the dog is low. It gives me a feeling that this is purely a backyard breeder. Will she take the dog back FOR ANY REASON if you cannot keep the dog? A good breeder will. What about the parentage of her dogs - were they Fanconi tested and are the test results available online? What other testing has been done on the parents and the puppies at this point? Hips? Eyes?

I would also hesitate to buy a puppy from someone who just had an "oops" mating of two dogs. A lot goes into breeding quality puppies, and it is usually a very well planned out situation.

I understand your keen desire to own a basenji (I am in the same situation as you) but please be careful who you purchase from. It can mean a huge difference for you and your dog in the future.

Have you checked out the BCOA website for breeders? Just like me here in BC, there is not much to select from. When the time comes for me, I will probably be looking to a U.S. breeder (someone in the Pacific Northwest). I have attended some Washington state shows and have met some great breeders and their wonderful looking and dispositioned dogs.

Good luck in your hunt. Wishing you the best.

Thanks, and I do agree. I think I'm going to pass on this breeder. I actually googled her email address (after her name turned up nothing) and I found about 8 other ads for different breeds - bulldogs, bichon frises, etc. I think she may be running a puppy mill, so I might even report her if I have any proof to it.

I'm going to keep searching, and maybe try to find a way to adopt the pup from BC. Thanks!

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I life in Edmonton, AB and am having troubles finding anyone. I found this one lady who is somewhere in the Yukon. She says she is not a "full time" breeder (I imagine it's one of those scenarios where she has two basenjis and they mated). She is selling the pups for just $300.

Now the parts that are "good" (?):
-Health Guarantee
-Hereditary Congenital Defect Guarantee
-Health License
-Pedigree Certificate
-CKC registered

I'm no breeder and I've never bought a dog before, so this is all just mumbo jumbo to me. Are any of these good enough that you think it is safe to buy from her? Like I said, I am having huge problems finding the pups anywhere. There is also on in British Columbia that's up for adoption, it's a whippet/basenji mix and I really love him too. But, I don't know if they ship and the 11 hour drive is just too long.

Please help if you can, I'm a bit confused. I've been researching the breed a lot and I really don't want to have a sickly little dog. My parents bought our chinese crested from a "reputable" breeder, and we learned later she was inbreeding and our dog has epilepsy now - good thing we got vet insurance before they found that out.

Anyways, please help!

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Thanks! I was thinking about that too. Are you talking about getting a pup shipped to you or traveling to the other province to get him/her?

I had a couple worries about that.. If I got the pup shipped, would the personalities mesh? My friends dog had a littler of pups about 6 months ago and I spent a lot of time with them and they are all so different, you can really get a bond with just one.

And if I were to travel there, would the drive back be too long with a puppy? And I wouldn't want to risk flying and have to "store" my pup on the plane.

Any suggestions? Or what were your plans? 😕

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Hello. I'm looking to buy a basenji and I'm have troubles finding a breeder in Alberta, preferably near the Edmonton area. Does anyone have a basenji and if so, where did you buy from? I'm very interested in the breed and would like to start the process ASAP!


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Hi! I'm seriously looking into buying a basenji, the breed looks like a perfect fit for me.

The only breeder I can find in Alberta is Shamaron ( who I have emailed to see if she has any available pups.

Does anyone know of any basenji breeders in Alberta, more preferably nearer to Edmonton, though we are willing to drive a few hours outside.

Thanks for any replies!

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