• I have noticed that a lot of you have more than one dog along with your B or you have multiple b's. Is it important to have additional dogs in the home with a b or can they be happy being a single dog in a family?

  • Hi Gabriel -

    I had one B for the last 4 years and he seemed to be a very happy boy! He goes everywhere with me, plays, walks, snuggles, you name it! I brought him on lots of playdates and realized just how much he loves other dogs and thus why I decided to get another one.

    I just got a puppy this year and he really seems to enjoy having her around as now he has another dog to play with instead of only when I want to play with him. I do have to say though, if I never got a 2nd dog I think he would have been just fine as I socialized him a lot. Everything I have read though about Bs is that they like to live in packs.

  • I believe, if you work outside the home, most b's like to have a companion.

  • Even if two basenjis don't actively play much, they seem to like having a canine companion. If you are home all the time, or really spend all your spare time with the basenji, take them with you and socialize them well, they may be fine. But if you are like most people and work, then have other things to do occasionally, your basenji will be home alone a fair amount of the time and be happier with a buddy. I know folks who have a basenji & a cat, or another breed of dog, and that works well to keep them company.

  • I think the dogs can be happy in a single dog home. I'm not so sure the basenji-devoted slaves would be. :p

  • Good Point Agile.

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