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Yep. I decided to be consistent with the "touch" command, I want to get this down and then use it to get him to touch a bell to notify me to go potty. He's very very playful with other dogs, he likes to wrestle and jump around. He's got a great personality, but, as others write about here: he's very clingy with me. My goal is to get him used to me being away, starting with 15 min at a time in his crate. He sleeps in the bed with me and follows me religiously. It can be a bit intense. I'm trying to work on it so we don't have an overly intense bond.
I read about Faconi Syndrome and I am having him tested so I can know early on if I have to take precautionary measures. I read from the Basenji Society that he should get dog vitamins daily, and amino acids once a week along with once a week human strength vitamin. I feed him pea free Annamaet Encore Kibble, mixed with Sojos raw lamb half of each at each meal. I decided to get his feeding times set to a religious schedule, and space his 2 feedings 10 hours apart. The sensitive stomach is a challenge, however, if I can get some veggies in there slowly I'd like that.

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Hey all - I recently adopted a rescue basenji. He's a great dog, but I am running into real difficulty with potty training. I'm concerned that he was a stray; I hope he can be taught to potty train. He's had a few mistakes; however, he usually is fine as long as I keep taking him outside and asking if he needs to go potty. I'm trying to train him to ring a bell to inform me that he needs to go potty and nothing is working, I keep trying. When he has gone potty it seems it's invariably due to stomach upset, he has a very sensitive stomach and I am trying to get the food "just right" as I transition him from Sojo's chicken to lamb; I have concerns about raw chicken. To compound matters I live in a city in an apartment; I have been taking him to go potty to the same place. *** Any ideas about how I can effectively potty train him? ***

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