• Hi,
    Safi has just gone into her first season at 6.5 months old, is she likely to have another season this year in the Autumn?
    Complete behaviour transformation too, she's really chilled out at the moment, very sweet and compliant. I'm assuming that'll all change back when she finishes this season!


  • In my experience (in the breed for 35+ years), she will most likely not have another season seeing that we are just about in August. However since we know that not all Basenjis read the same books, possible she might. Change in behavior is pretty normal.... during being in season. They usually go back to their normal temperament but not all at once. Post season can last for a month or so.

  • Thanks Pat, hopefully she read the memo and will be done for the year. I don't miss the zooming, though it was somewhat entertaining. She's sleeping a lot and not as into everything as usual.

  • Aw, welcome to womanhood Safi! We swear it's not so bad all the time LOL

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