• Billy's Wild Ride has now truly come to an end. Yesterday, with help from the vet, he quietly slipped away while laying in my lap.

    Billy was 15. He had a stroke last spring, and I wasn't sure how long he would make it, but he gave us another year. And he never lost his ranking amongst our other dogs; what a guy! Yesterday was a very sad day, and he has left a big, big hole.

    I remember when I first saw him on the BRAT site so long ago; how excited we were while his Wild Ride was making it's way here; and how he took the pain away of losing Sunny. Now they are both gone. I would visit his site every now and again http://basenjis.homestead.com/billy.html but I don't think I can go there just yet….

  • I am so deeply sorry for your loss. He was so lucky to have you and to be so dearly loved.

  • First Basenji's

    I had not seen your site about Billy's Wild Ride before. What a lifetime of love and adventures you must have given him. R.I.P., little guy.

  • So sorry for your loss. 😞



  • The link was amazing, it's the greatest memory you can keep and cherish. I am deeply sad to hear of your loss and the for the pain you must be going through. If it helps, his life's journey is so precious, he had an amazing life and it sounds like you were both enriched by each other. My thoughts and prayers are with you during your time of grief.

  • Sorry for your loss 😞

  • I am so very, very sorry. It is hard to believe since I remember the Billy's wild ride saga and certainly it wasn't that long ago. I'm glad you and Billy found each other. I'm sure when the time is right, he'll send you another special pup.

  • Billy had the best life ever, thanks to you. Hugs.

  • So sorry to hear of your loss. I read Billy's story, and I know he was very blessed to find you.

  • I am so deeply touched by Billy's story and so sorry to hear of his passing. What a special guy and what an amazing life! And what a difference you made in it. I wish his time here could have gone on forever, but they touch our lives, find a home in our hearts, then journey on much too soon. My thoughts are with you, Joanne and sweet Billy, wherever he roams…

    Pamela and Spencer

  • What a wonderful tribute, thank you for sharing it and him. In time perhaps you will be ready to give another dog such a wonderful home. It won't be Billy, any more than Billy was Sunny. But I like to think we honor their love and memories by sharing what they gave us with the next ones. ((hugs and great admiration for the life you shared))

  • I want to thank everyone who sent messages of condolence following the loss of our Billy. It's been a week now and we sure miss having the little guy around. I know that when he thinks we're ready he'll send us another Basenji to love in his honour; just like Sunny before him had sent Billy to us. And when he does, I hope it might be a little black & white! But if not, that's ok, I know it will be a little Basenji (or mix) that needs our love.

    And there were many messages of condolence left on the "Billy's Wild Ride" site too. I don't know who maintains that site anymore, it's not me, I didn't build it, it was someone who helped on his ride. I hope it won't get taken down, I will want to be able to keep visiting.

  • Perhaps with permission you can print the pages and scrapbook them or save the files to a disk…it's a great memory to relive. Oakley and I hope that when the time is right you'll have another one to love

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