• It has taken me more than a week to be able to post that my beloved Jewel died on 11th. She had her 4th heart attack and this time it was bad. Independent to the last she died as the vet who I'd called out reached the entrance to our farm road! I miss her so and especially on our walks and at feed times. The rest of the pack have been very quiet.

    Isn't it strange that even though we have may have had many deaths of our beloveds it doesn't get easier over the years? Each one is a special dog.

    We called her 'Angel' and now she is one.

    Dearest Jewel, run free with your predecessors in the eternal forest.

  • I am so sorry. They leave such holes in our lives when they go.

  • Oh Helena i'm so sorry to hear this.
    Run free beautiful Jewel
    No it never ever gets any easier to lose our beloved pets as we love them all so much.
    I remember meeting Jewel at the first NBS meeting we went to

  • So sorry to hear that Helena and you are right it never gets easier losing one.

    Run free Jewel

  • I know you gave Angel a wonderful life and she's forever grateful.

  • Sorry for your loss, but memories stay with us and our loved ones are never forgotten.

  • First Basenji's

    How can it hurt less when you love them all?
    I'm sorry to hear this. Your Jewel must have been lucky to have you, as you were to have her.

  • When I was young, I always assumed it would get easier when you were older, but I find it the reverse. Every loss brings back the previous ones, and I end up grieving them again. My sincere sympathy.

  • You have my deepest sympathies on the loss of your Jewel.

    Losing them is the sad part of being allowed to share their bright little lives…

  • Hugs to you and your whole pack.
    It takes strength of heart to write the words and share the news. Bless you.

  • Very sorry for your loss. Our hearts and thoughts are with you. Run free Jewel!

  • Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

  • First Basenji's

    We (here on the forum and in my house) are so sorry for your loss of your sweet Jewel. It was told to me that it is not easy. It is not, not for anyone in the family (pack). I kept thinking of my little Buddy running (with his ears back, tail as the rudder, and all feet flying!) over the Rainbow Bridge and with all the boys and girls greeting him to make him feel at home. This thought helped so much, as well as keeping the blanket next to me so I could smell his scent…...Time is the healer on this, give lots of kisses and fun exercises to the ones left behind. Jewel if free from pain and is waiting for you to greet when the time comes!

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