• Hi you all!

    I live with my husband and two female basenjis in Helsinki Finland. Our two adorable girls are Ansa (Dakarai Byzance Pearl) 3 years old and Miina (Dakarai Don't You Know me) 2 years old. Girls are my first very own dogs 🙂 Basenji have became the breed that I really feel my own one. Life with basenji have been the kind I thought and even better. Weather over here is not always the best for the basenji, but we have found the way to survive (see the picture). We love long walks and girls love to hunt everything witch is moving and of course electric bunny at race.

    Nice to be here. (Sorry my english :-S)


  • Very nice pictures of the two B's! I love the camo suit. Welcome to the forum. I live in Canada and we get alot of snow also. I have little parka's for my dogs too, but they don't like being outside for so long. They certainly are a very special breed!

  • Girls doesn't like jackets too much, me eather actually, but sometimes when -30 degrees long time and dogs need something to waste energy… Then the jacket is only way go out a bit longer time. And girls has already get use to jackets. Otherwise girls are not like water or cold too much. I guess they have get use to weather too. Winter is long here 😞

  • First Basenji's

    Such beautiful, expressive wrinkles, and what a FUN looking snow coat! 🙂

  • Welcome. It's wonderful how Basenjis adapt no matter where they live. What lovely pictures.

  • Okay, I have to say I love a conversation that begins with "Hi Basenjipeople". Makes me giggle and think "oh, she's talking to me!"
    Winter in Colorado is also colder than the basenjis would choose. Tonight the low is -2 I think. That's without the wind, which is nasty cold strong wind today. Mostly they're content to sit inside by the fire. (Of course 2 of my 3 basenjis are geriatrics.) And your English is way better than my Finnish (which is nonexistent). And please share lots of pics of your dogs and country. (I like to visit places via pictures)

  • Welcome…

    Your girls are beautiful 🙂

  • Hello and welcome! You have two spectacular looking girls there! Lovely wrinkled, very kind sweet faces! We are on the west coast of Canada (Vancouver area) and though we don't get much snow, our temperatures are around 0 degrees celius. Today when I took Kipawa out for a walk/run he had his warmest winter coat on. I was bundled up too.

    I look forward to seeing more pictures of your girls.

  • Welcome to the forum. I would love to get my girl in one of those coats…ha ha...so cute.

  • welcome to the forum. The second picture of your girls is fabulous. Look foward to hearing more about them.

  • Great pictures, especially the two together. Welcome! 🙂

  • Thanks for everybody wishing me and girls over here 🙂
    Your dogs are (of course) looking just lovely basenjis, great pictures and situations (basenji have just a great sense of humor in different situations). in Finland we have worst winter ever. There is not snow at all, just rain, rain and rain…and DARK! Last two winters have been so much better, picture with the jacket is last winter when we almost drown in the snow. Winter is also been bad and we have had some storms this winter. We are also living in small island front of Helsinki, so it means even more wind. Okey, that's about weather 😃

    I don't know how many people here is from Finland, but here is link for the Finnish Basenji sites: www.basenji.fi

  • Love the pics and I also think your English is good… I swear my basenji, Oakley looks at me as if to say " of all places I had to end up in New England"... Which is infamous for its crazy weather and winters... Luckily I bought him some hurtta overalls and winter jacket and that has been a lifesaver. Nice to meet you!

  • ^ Do you mean Hurtta- brand? Are they seliing that brand over there or have bought it some other country? Brand is Finnish. Luckily because of weather is awful. Our jacket is made by Janutec and Pomppa 😃 love boths because they fit for basenji.

  • Hello and Welcome from Canada!

  • Welcome. GREAT PICS! Love the coat too. Wish I had one with footies so Cara's feet wouldn't get wet! HEY, maybe I could get one and sew on rain boots?

  • Debra, I think you are onto something there! Like a onesie for a B! Make them with grippy feet and leave the bum and underbelly somewhat open so they can go potty. Ohh, I am so on this!

  • with my basenjis treats (something good to eat) and being leader for them in every part of life. hard to explane. Of course depending of dog. I have two basenjis and they are really different kind of, other is sensitive and other is hard kind, so we need two type of training methods.

  • Your girls are stunning.. such beautiful pics you posted.

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