I've been waiting 25+ years for this - they are on the way!

Greeting to all of you! I have been lurking for about 8 months and am consistently impressed with all of the knowledge (and passion) about Basenjis that I have found here.

I have wanted a Basenji for as long as I can remember. I read the story, "Weep No More, My Lady," when I was in grade school and was intrigued. Then, as a young adult, I was invited to a home where these guys had 6 basenjis (in an apartment in London!) and fell in love. However, my circumstances did not allow for a Basenji. I opted for a Keeshond in college and successfully prepared him for obedience trials. (My roommate had a family tragedy and my boy took to her side. In the end, I let him go with her - it seemed like his purpose in life was to take care of her.) I then got a Pomeranian, a beautiful, overbred little guy who had a host of problems from the beginning. It was a lot more difficult to research breeders back in the 1980s, so what I thought was a responsible breeder may not have been…

Anyway, fast forward to now - 25 years later. My time has finally come! I have researched breeders for almost a year and decided on Nancy Craigie from Flutesong. She has amazed me in every way with her attentiveness to details - although we have not yet met in person, I feel like she is an old friend - we have exchanged e-mails since June about all aspects of our lives. I am thrilled to report that she has a beautiful litter out of CH PEPPARSON?S UZURI BULLDOBAS and CH MATA HAURI SHALL WE DANCE (you can see the puppies on the Flutesong website). I have been on her waiting list since June, so went through all of the nail biting that comes with waiting for a successful breeding/whelping.

We are getting a brother and sister from this litter. Their names will be Kai and Willow. I cannot be more excited! I have done extensive research on how to successfully raise two puppies at the same time and we have been preparing as a family to do this right. I am not taking this lightly and am prepared to hunker down and spend an intensive year or so (or more) in puppy land to produce some responsible adults from these babies.

Nancy keeps her puppies until about 12 weeks, so our estimated date is March 10 or so...

A little more about me (us) - I am an epidemiologist and writer and I work from home, as does my husband (also an epidemiologist). We live in Houston. We have twin 6-year-old girls, who are beyond excited for these puppies. They have been helping puppy-proof the house, even giving up some of their beloved tiny toys and storing others up high in containers. For Christmas, they asked for toys for the puppies instead of for themselves. We have been working on training techniques together (they role-play on each other who gets to be the Basenji). One of my daughters has the makings of a true "dog snob" (like me, I guess) - she told her whole kindergarten class that Basenjis are a rare breed and probably very few of the other kids needed to think about Basenjis, since they were too special for just anyone.

Anyway, I intend to get back into obedience trials and perhaps agility/rally and show all of those naysayers who say Basenjis can't do it, that they certainly can.

Wow. This got long. I have been waiting a long time to introduce myself, so I guess I had a lot built up... Thank you all in advance for all advice and support, as well as for all of the inspiration that I have gotten thus far from reading all of the posts.

All the best,


Welcome… My C-Me is a grand Daughter of Nancy's Tri boy Ch Klassic's Rooty Toot Flutesong who was bred to Siri and Franie is a niece to the sire CH AB Icon Of Cool of another of Siri's litters.

So we are "sort of" related by our Basenjis. Pups look really nice! Have fun with two at one time... littermates can really be trying at times. Can't wait to see pictures.

Sincere congratualtions to you and your family! Two babies at once will be a real "hoot" for certain, and I am excited to see pics and read all about the "journey" to adulthood..lol

Sounds like you found a great breeder.

Welcome and congratulations!

Welcome to the Forum - I'm sure you'll get a lot of pleasure from these puppies.

Can you share who you visited with in London with the Basenjis?

Congats on your Puppies. I took on two sisters last year and it was easier than when I have raised one at a time as they keeP each other company. Mine have all earned their rally titles and my breeder has put all types of agility titles on her basenjis. Just find a school that has had hounds train and does positive training methods and they will do great.

Waiting 25 years…. I understand that. I wanted a basenji when I was a young teenager, but the opportunity for one did not happen until last year. Having a dream come true is wonderful, and you are going to love your puppy!

Welcome and congratulations on your future new additions 🙂

Raising two pups at the same time has it's challenges 😉

Congratulations Julie and family and welcome to the Forums!

We're also in the Houston area (Montgomery) and have new pups for this year. I have a 1 year old that I want to try in Obedience and Rally, and am searching diligently for a trainer to help me with learning tracking, so maybe we can share info about area trainers. I know Houston Obedience Club has classes, but I'm hoping for something a little closer to our area. I have a couple of places I will be researching and going to observe as soon as our pups go to their new homes (also in March…)


Thank you for all the warm welcomes!

Patty, I truly wish I could remember who I visited in London with that pack of basenjis - truth is, I can't remember a darn thing about why I was even there, much less whose apartment it was. I was at an art program and I think this was a guest instructor who had a party. Again, this was over 25 years ago. (These days, I can barely remember who I spoke to last week.)

Terry, I have you marked as someone to contact as being in this area! I will certainly let you know anything I find out. I am looking as well, and keep ending up at Houston Obedience Club in my searches. I'll certainly keep you updated - there is a place that opened not far from me, but I can't remember the name. My dentist has a Kerry Blue and said they offer agility/rally training. I'll let you know what I find out. I'm looking for puppy kindergarten classes now, as well - any thoughts?

Thank you all again - I'm going to move my questions out of the member introductions section, so you'll be hearing from me lots more over there…

All the best,


Oh your life is so going to change! 😉
I would suggest doing different classes (maybe on different nights if possible) with the 2 so that they don't become too interdependent on each other. Google "littermate syndrome"

Yes Julie (I can understand what you say about memory. Unfortunately I'm at the stage when I keep forgetting names and what I'm meant to be doing. Fortunately this has been compensated by strong past Basenji memories!

I totally agree about interdependency having reared many siblings.

Julie, one of the places I found was Fundamental Dog on 2978 near 1488, they are Karen Pryor Clicker training certified… that is reasonably close to our house. I don't remember if they offer puppy kindergarten, but will check their website. Basenjimomma, aka Petra, may know, she lives nearish to there also in Hockley just out of Magnolia.


Welcome! I've met the sire of the litter, Tango, and he is a really wonderful and nice boy . Your pups and my boy are actually cousins- My pup's sire is his half brother(same dam). Good luck and can't wait to see photos when you get them!

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