• Hello! I am a new basenji owner having picked up my first puppy last week. Meet Dude a red/white basenji boy who steals everyones heart he meets and runs it back to his bed to play with. Dude is the sweetest of guys, well mannered and a joy to have in our home. He is fitting in very well with my boyfriend and the 2 resident cats, Hana and Mamba. Although he doesnt quite understand why those 2 very funny looking dogs dont want to wrestle?!?! Hehe

    Oh boy where to start, I guess I will have to come clean and let you all know I have been lurking, reading, learning and getting to know you all very well over the past 6 months. I joined the forum in September 2008 when I became interested in acquiring a basenji. I have been attracted to basenjis ever since I was a young girl with a dog encyclopedia, my family had Golden Retrievers when I was growing up and I have been involved with horses since I was very little.

    I quickly found out I was very lucky to be in such an active basenji region, the Pacific Northwest is full of well educated individuals and active members of the basenji community. I was able to attend many dog shows and lure trials and had the option of many breeders to select from when the time came to make a decision. I cant compliment my breeder enough, not only is she adamant about health testing, good sportsmanship and ethical breeding practices but she has been happily available to explain every detail about basenji-life. Everything from how to live in harmony with a basenji at home, selection of breeding stock, assessment of conformation in the show ring, and the importance of health testing. I felt involved from conception to the day that she delivered the puppy to my home at 8 weeks of age and feel truly blessed to have such an advocate for the breed right at my fingertips. Not only did I get one beautiful dog but a mentor and friend along the way.

    I would also like to thank the creators of the forum and the active members of the board for providing such a wealth of information on this truly one of a kind breed. I look forward to being a part of the basenji community and hope to meet many of you ringside and at local events as our adventure unfolds. Until next time, best baroos to you all!

  • Welcome on the forum!

    What a sweet pup you have 🆒

  • What a sweetie pie you have there, reminds me of when I brought home my red & white at 8 wks. So cute!

  • Awww….what a great intro! Welcome! You have embarked on the journey of a lifetime 🙂 You will LOVE it! Your post brought back memories of bringing home our first B...February marks our ten year anniversary having Basenjis 🙂 time flies!!!

  • Welcome to the pack, from another Oregonian… Where about in the state are you located? We are in Portland... what a cute boy you have. Thank you for the cute pictures. 🙂

  • Hello & welcome from Canada. Great to have you here. Good looking boy you have there.


  • Welcome and thank you for the wonderful intro. I love the how we got our B. stories.

  • Great story!!! Welcome to the forum…cute, cute, cute pics!!! 😃

  • Did you get your b from Kathy Britton?

  • Hello and Welcome to the forums… I am glad you researched this breed thoroughly before embarking on your new journey. Sometimes the basenji road is quite rocky, but in the end it leads to a wonderful place... the heart of a wild little pup!!!;)

  • Thank you for all of the kind words, we are in Gresham just east of Portland, Oregon. Dude was in fact bred by Kathy of Khanis Basenjis. His registered name is Nfocus Polar Express, if anyone is interested in his pedigree it can be found on Kathys website.
    We have enrolled in puppy classes and were lucky enough to find a basenji experienced trainer who focuses on positive reinforcement and redirection.
    Dude loves meeting new people and we would love to get together for some socialization and play if nearby members are interested.

  • Welcome to the forum and what a cute pup….. WOW!

  • Welcome to the Forum and greetings from Belgium !:D

  • Welcome (from Minnesota) to our group.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to the forum! Loved your intro and the pics! You have a very very cute pup!! 😃 The first pic is just priceless! Good luck with him! 🙂

  • Welcome from our Dude to yours! Our boy Dude (Ch. Illusion's Lonestar) got his name because he was the most laid back B we've ever had. He loves everyone, people and dogs, he's just happy go lucky about everything. He also is red and white!


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